Teen Pop Culture

Topics: Television, Popular culture, Young adult Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: August 4, 2013
Teen culture
How far does popular culture affect teen culture? With the over saturation of “so-called” reality shows, idolization of young celebrities for whom society rules don’t seem to apply, and the easy access to virtual worlds this may be a very pertinent question to ask. This may be only part of the equation considering that our world does very little to hide the violence, sex, and drugs constantly in the media. There can be profound effect on teens and how they view the world. We are raising a new generation, in a world where everyone seems to be looking to get noticed, and fame is the name of the game. MTV has brought new means of how teens can get on television with their own so called reality show “Teen Mom”. The show has cameras following these teens throughout their pregnancies, birth, and everyday tasks, and struggles of teenage parenthood. Our teens are given a so called window into that world as edited by producers, not reality. Many of these teens on the show have a following in magazines and supermarket tabloids which in the eyes of many teens is the way to fame. There has been an increase of teens getting pregnant to just have an audition for the television show, showing that many teens will go to any lengths to get their fifteen minutes of fame. One has to wonder the message our teens are getting from these so called reality shows. Most teens can name most every person on the show Jersey Shore, yet most likely only one in four can name our vice president and secretary of state. The sheer amount of sexual imagery in pop culture can affect teens’ attitudes thoughts toward sex, and what is considered the norm. Teens that are not yet mature enough to handle the physical and emotional effects of sexual activity and can experience potentially harmful effects of it throughout their teen years and later in life. Teen culture is formed through all of its surroundings and evolves with it. Every day, teens encounter all types of advertisements that...
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