Technology in the 21st Century

Topics: Human, Television, Mass media Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: October 17, 2010
Newspapers, magazines, television, radio, movies, the internet, and other media surround the average person’s everyday life. The media provides vital information for people every day; people choose what information they want to know and turn to the appropriate forms of media to receive that information. Even though the media displays a large amount of information, it does not determine what is important to people because the people only tune into the media that they are concerned with.

When I want to check the scores for the latest NBA games, I go to websites that are exclusively about basketball. This way, I am using only a certain part of the entire media to find out the data that I am most interested in. When I come across some news about a celebrity’s new car or how the economy is going down, I ignore it because I am not attracted to every bit of news that the media can offer. People control what websites they go on and what they decide to learn about; this makes it easy to determine what is important for each individual and to not be flooded with information that doesn’t interest them.

Certain channels show specific genres of television shows according to what audiences they want to attract. ESPN, for example, only shows sports and therefore target only males. Channels like Disney have kid shows that target children, and MTV shows music for teenagers. All of this means that the people decide what is valuable to them, whether it be sports, music, or anything else, and TV show producers respond to that. The media is controlled by human interest; if no one was interested in golf, there would be no representation of golf in the media.

Almost every human being is exposed to some kind of media, but they decide whats significant to them by filtering out media that they aren't intrigued by. The media is directed by what's popular, which is decided by the public. Because of this, the public determines what's important, not the media.
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