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Effective Use of Technology in the Classroom

Effective Use of Technology in the Classroom
Throughout the years, many students have struggled with history courses, especially geography. America and many other countries have experienced a technology boom over the last century; unfortunately, much of this boom has not reached the classrooms of many schools today. In response to this, a growing number of stakeholders now call for teachers to use technology in the classroom, an idea that teachers should embrace. While research shows that technology can play a vital role in the classroom, the teacher must take advantage of the technology in appropriate ways. By doing this, an educator creates a classroom that demands respect from stakeholders, fosters a learning environment for students and prepares students for future success. By failing to do this, an educator creates an environment that makes learning a near impossibility.

According to Lidstone and Stoltman (2006), the lack of well-equipped technology stands as a barrier to innovative learning in many schools. Lidstone and Stoltman argue that while many politicians and educators claim they want to build a community of constant learners, they do not put the necessary tools in place to achieve this. The authors find this amazing in world where people can “Google” nearly anything to learn about it. In addition, the authors fear that even though geographical technology exists, students do not receive adequate training in geography to take advantage of the technology. In order to create a situation where life long learning will occur, teachers must create a classroom environment that encourages the use of technology, while providing students with the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary for success. In many ways, this challenge resembles a balancing act that may prove difficult (Lidstone & Stoltman, 2006).

John Winn (2003), a Lieutenant Colonel in the...

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