Technology Has Done More Good Than Harm

Topics: Technology Pages: 3 (1118 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Technology has improved our lives in matters of convenience, but has not improved the human condition overall. Our behavior hasn't changed for the better over the past few centuries. Technology causes our lives to be busier -- involved in more mundane activities with more mundane objects. Television is a great technology that has compromised our attention span and our interactivity with other people. It also infiltrates our home with nonstop promotional advertising. I disagree. I have all the information of the internet available to me instantly from my home. I have google to sort it for me. This is not a convenience, this is an unbelievable resource. Information is power. Throughout history the ruling class kept strict reigns on information in order to keep the masses in check. Without information, who really makes the decisions? With unlimited information, it is truly I who decide what to think. This by itself is proof of the benefits of technology. Speaking from the point of view of an individual, this is the greatest time to live to date. Advertising itself lends the illusion that we should be in constant pursuit of contests in an attempt to win something that we didn't earn. It, like lotteries, gives us false hope that we might get lucky, and causes many people to focus on such frivolities. Advertising is a reflection upon the common person, not the controlling force of them. If people were different then advertising would be different. The string is there, you just have it wrong about which end was pulling which. Telephones have made it easier to contact people, but also made it easier to be contacted, thus invading our privacy. While we can choose to go without services like a telephone, we generally cannot rightly do so and function properly within a basic community setting. Again, this is information flow. It brings a community closer together. In days of old, those on the other side of town were strangers because you only saw them at church. Now you...
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