Summary on Service Encounter Journal

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SCO 3051/ Professor B. Azman
Assignment #4

Summary of Service Encounter Journaling
Service encounter is person-to-person interactions between customers and service providers. Over the past six weeks, I realized my interaction with the service providers played a vital role in improving my perceptions regarding service quality, as they also influenced my satisfaction and brand perception. As a result, the good service I received had increased my long-term loyalty, lead to positive word-of-mouth and higher profitability for the service organizations I encountered. On the other hand, I found those service organizations that provided unpleasant customer experiences were solely focused on operational profitability, rather than on creating value to customers. In order for those companies to gain market share and be able to stay in the long run, I recommend them to focus on reducing service defection, as it will ultimately lead to an increase in value for the service organization and customers. Indeed, reduced operating costs, improved comprehension of customer needs, effective targeting and increased opportunity of cross selling of bundled products/services could be achieved as customer loyalty increased. This summary will further emphasizing the importance of enhancing service performance by examining the similarities and differences among my service encounters, as well as pointing out potential suggestions for those service organization that could not meet my adequate expectation as an ordinary customer. Similarities

Among all satisfied service encounters, I realized all frontline employees were able to create rapport with customers. These outstanding service providers were capable to offer the feeling of care, friendliness and personal interactions. I realized these dedicated employees I encountered with not only show empathy, but also had a genuine concern for customer’s need and feelings. For example, when I was trying to call Comcast to solve a...
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