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Roots Industries Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of HORNS in India and the 11th largest Horn Manufacturing Company in the world. Headquartered in Coimbatore - India, ROOTS has been a dominant player in the manufacture of Horns and other products like Castings and Industrial Cleaning Machines. Since its establishment in 1970, ROOTS has had a vision and commitment to produce and deliver quality products adhering to International Standards. This study is to show the customer satisfaction level about the ROOTS cleaning products and also to know the factors playing a major role in doing the customer satisfaction the study also mainly focus on services provided by the ROOTS MULTI CLEAN LIMITED. The service includes both after sales service and before sales services to the customers. As each customer is different in some perspective the study is focused more on the factors influencing the customer’s happiness?


Customer Satisfaction begins with the following specific assumptions about company’s relationship with the customers. 1. The customer service activities focus mainly on existing customers. 2. Some customers are more important than others

3. They are the assets.
4. The customer is always specific.

The customer needs and value should influence every aspect of the organization strategy, employee safety and performance, product and organization strategy, employee safety and performance, product and service development, sales and marketing programs, operational procedures and information and measurement system.

Understanding the customer is critical to the success of any customer focus initiative, the first step in understanding the customers is to listen to them. A company needs to hear what its customers are saying about its people, product service and vision. Their information helps to develop meaningful product and service.

Organizations need to listen to their customer satisfied, dissatisfied neutral and prospective. As one company executive said, “talking to a satisfied customer is talking to myself”.

In the past, customer satisfaction and service was the responsibility of a separate organization that supported the customer primarily after the sale. Today, service is also likely to be interested with the every product accompany offers.

High customer satisfaction comes from providing effective services. But giving that service is a continuous activity. It means being efficient, reliable, courteous, curing and professional every time.


As there are a large number of Customers dealing with Roots Products, the study was conducted to know the Customers satisfaction towards Roots Industries. This in turn enables the company to enhance its stringent competitiveness in the Mechanized cleaning equipmentsmarket.


* To find the Customers’ Satisfaction Level with Roots Multi Clean Limited [RMCL]. * To find the factors influencing the user to deal with Roots Cleaning Products. * To identity the Customers’ suggestions with respect to Roots Multi Clean Limited.


* The project is focused on the selected Customers in Salem city and Erode city. * The data collection is carried out in and around Salem and Erode for a period of 27 days. * The project focuses the usersfeedback and suggestions to improve the products and service. * The study enables to know the expectation of the Users and consequently the Purchaser. * The project highlights the scope for future improvements on the basis of present scale.

Limitations of the study:

* Since the survey was done only in Salem the result obtained may not be taken as universal suggestion. * Quality of the information highly dependent on the knowledge of the respondents. * Concern person of shop keeping in charge will always change, so that their assessment of the product and the...

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