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Spanning Task A
LSAL-4163 Non-Profit., University of Oklahoma., Dr. Kathy N. Seibold Rick Green

The initial forming of a Federally Qualified Heath Center would be to identify the “need” and initiate the board of director’s and identify the funding . The group must have enough private funds get the clinic established prior to receiving grants or government funds, and does or will the community support this efforts. Included are stakeholders on the board of directors and on sub-committees and health care professionals and lay people of the community, whom will be forming and drafting the clinic by laws and policy and procedures prior to filing any documents with the secretary of state of which the clinic will open, then filing for 501 c3 tax exempt status with IRS . The interim Chief Executive Officer will be one of the volunteers, and the future medical director and will head the strategic coordinating committee will define and develop sub committees to organize the policy and procedures of the clinic, originate other committees such as quality assurance and define role and development concerning the professional staff such as doctors and mid-level providers. Finance and budget committee, personnel committee, executive committee, along with a committee combined as a search/due diligent committee, this group will search for the permanent CEO. A clearly defined mission and value statement for the clinic will ensure the key factors and or stakeholders will be in key roles within the organization. This same group will interact with stake-holders brain storming to receive a clear picture of the stake-holders point of view, note this includes future patients and future board members and other organizations and foundations willing to share of their expertise and monies, this would be similar to mergers within the non-profit groups- sharing resources and talents. Time lines will be in place for each committee to bring their finding to...

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