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The role of tv in Pakistan media
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Role of television :

Television is considered to be the most effective means of communication. Many people spend hours of their time staying in front of the TV. Commercial ads in televisions really make a lot of difference in today's society. Companies use billions of dollars each day just for advertising products and services. It is expensive but is truly an effective way of reaching out to the people. Compared to other advertising mediums, TV is known to be the most effective option to convince people to purchase some products and services.

We can even watch movies on the TV. It is necessary to get some sort of relaxation. Watching TV gives people an opportunity to laugh with comedy shows. TV is also known to be the best medium for music development and marketing. It is true that the radio can let us hear the artists' music but it is a lot different when you see them together with their music. We can also get the benefit of watching political, financial news, weather forecasts, and others.

It brings us closer to some other cultures. It offers unending entertainment and important information about life. It remains to be a great medium of information that affects the people's lives.

The effect of television on youth has both advantages and disadvantages. It is all how we take it. Today, there are many channels dedicated for education and general knowledge, but many a people consider television as an entertainment media.

We can't say that it is not spoiling the lives of people. But by watching television, especially children and youngsters start identifying with what is shown on TV. They relate to television shows and films to such an extent that they get bored of living a normal and simple life.

They crave for fame and riches; they yearn for living the lives of their favourite TV characters. This may lead to a high amount of dissatisfaction in the masses. As real life is the contrast of the life portrayed on TV, such TV addicts become hungry for power, money and status.

Studies in psychology have shown that watching intense emotions on television leaves a long-lasting impact on one's mind. Horror scenes, ghosts, frightful scenes that are featured on television have a negative impact on the minds of people watching them. Violence, murder, bloodshed and physical abuse that is shown on television impacts the thoughts and emotions of the spectators.

Television provides recreation but its excessive use is detrimental to one's physical and mental health. You need to strike a balance in your life. TV is playing an important role in our day to day life. It is really hard to imagine our life without TV, since most of us watch TV to get fun and entertainment. A lot of Television addicts are also available in this world and they are spending most of their times in watching TV. TV is the best way to get the recent news and information, as well as we have lot of entertainment shows in TV. News contains both positive and negative things, whatever it is, we gain a lot of information from TV. Movie industry is mainly depend up on the TV, we get more information about the recent movies and their songs, details and reviews from TV, also some TV shows invite the movie stars and conduct various programs with them. With this kind of programs we come to know more details about our favorite film starts. Different kind of channels are available in TV and we can enjoy various programs like sports, cartoon, Fashion shows, educational information, animal stories and various things using various channels. Surely TV is a great window in our society which helps us to know more information...
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