Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Paper

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Running Head: Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Paper

Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Paper

June 20, 2011
Ms. Tracy King-Dye

Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Paper Microsoft Corporation was established in 1975 by Paul Allen, and Bill Gates. Microsoft Corporation is a publically traded multinational corporation headquartered in Redmond Washington. Microsoft Corporation develops, and manufacturers a wide range of products including but limited to the home computer operating system, Microsoft Windows product line, Microsoft Office, the Xbox, Xbox 360, MSN, and the Windows Phone. Microsoft Corporation rose to dominate the home computer market globally and domestically with currently an estimated 89,000 employees worldwide, therefore generating approximate annual revenues of 62.484 billion. An analysis will be conducted to determine the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Treats to determine if the proper approach is taken, which will produce the most favorable outcome. Conducting the SWOT analysis will allow one to analyze the strategic objectives, and tools used to measure customer satisfaction. When establishing the Strategic Plan one must develop a vision statement, mission statement, and guiding principles that represent the quality standards the company wishes to achieve, which will produce the most positive result. SWOT Analysis

According to Goettsch and Davis (2010) a SWOT analysis should be conducted prior to constructing the firm’s strategic plan (p. 51, para. 2). A firm will conduct a SWOT analysis because this is how the strengths and weaknesses are identified, which makes up the internal situation. The firm will use the opportunities, threats, and trends to analysis the situation externally. Several strengths are identified by using the SWOT analysis; some examples are financial strength, quality products, and services. Weaknesses are identified so that a firm can have the capability to have a competitive advantage within its market. Some examples of weaknesses within a firm are management, operating procedures, poor product selection and poor quality. Opportunities in a SWOT analysis are areas that a company can grow and gain a competitive advantage within their market. Threats are identified as areas that can compete with the firm and possible take some of the market away from the firm. Some examples of threats are lower cost products, higher quality products, and slowdown of the market (Goettsch & Davis, 2010). Microsoft conducted a SWOT analysis to ensure the organizations functions remain consistent with their mission and vision. Microsoft plays a vital role in providing quality software, server applications, operating systems, and much more to its consumers. It is imperative that the organization stay on top of its process and continue to remain the number one producer of software to consumers. Some of the results of the SWOT analysis conducted continued to support sales activity because of the research conducted on the customer’s needs. Their suppliers and partners were looking for quality, which is conducive with what Microsoft was looking for to stay current with technology (Microsoft, 2010). Vision, Mission Statement and Guiding Principles

Vision and Mission Statement
From the time Microsoft entered the technology industry, it has been known for its name. Upon entering the market, Microsoft’s main goal is to have a computer on every desk in people’s households and businesses. For the company to accomplish this goal, they came up with a vision that states: Our vision is to develop a state-of-the –art product, which is available for everyone and, adjusts to each person’s individual needs. Technology readily available for all individuals removes hurdles for people with disabilities and allows everyone to take full advantage of his or her capabilities.

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