Strategic Management

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Organizational structure of Heineken
Organizational structure
Heineken Holding N.V.
The role of the Heineken Holding N.V. is to supervise the Heineken management and give tasks for the Heineken N.V. since 1952.Thus this department of Heineken is not executing any tasks; it has only the role of leading the company (The Heineken ownership structure and stock exchange listing, 2005; Heineken Holding N.V, 2005). The Heineken Holding N.V is managed by five directors, four of them Dutch and one o Mexican. The Mexican Director is also the Executive Director of the Mexican beverage company FEMSA, which holds a 14,139% interest in the Heineken Holding N.V. and 8,856% in Heineken N.V. (The Heineken ownership structure and stock exchange listing, 2005) Heineken N.V

Heineken N.V is the legal unit through which Heineken is accomplishing many tasks that are given by the Heineken Holding N.V. This unit is managed by the Executive Board (Heineken N.V., 2005). Executive Board Heineken N.V

The task of the Executive Board of the Heineken N.V. is that it must “initiate and implement corporate strategy and to manage Heineken N.V. and its related companies” (Executive Board Heineken N.V., 2005) . Besides this task it must also take care of the policies, financial tasks and marketing for other brands of Heineken (Executive Board Heineken N.V., 2005). Supervisory Board of Heineken N.V.

The Supervisory Board assists in giving advice to the management of the Executive Board of the Heineken N.V. and with this advice they also take the opinions of the stakeholders of the company into consideration (Supervisory Board Heineken N.V., 2005). As you can see in the Heineken ownership structure figure (The Heineken ownership structure and stock exchange listing, 2005), there are other companies who hold a share of Heineken and their opinions count also for a certain percentage in how the company must be managed. This task is executed by the Supervisory Board, as mentioned above.

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