Stand Up Constitution

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We, the member organization of the Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights in UP (STAND UP), imbued with a strong desire to advance student rights and welfare, recognizing the need to unite the studentry and link its struggle with the basic sectors of the society in pursuing for a nationalist, scientific and mass –oriented education, do hereby ordain and promulgate this constitution.

Article IGeneral Provisions
Section 1This alliance of various student organizations and individuals of the University f the Philippines –Diliman founded on February 1996 shall be officially known as STUDENT ALLIANCE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS IN UP or STAND – UP. Section 2The STAND – UP shall officially adopt the logo of the Oblation with a red flag its right hand. The Oblation represents the UP students fighting for his/her democratic rights and interests and in service to the people, and the red flag signifies militancy. Section 3The official color of STAND - UP shall be red.

Section 4The STAND – UP shall have the STAND – Update as its official monthly publication. Section 5The STAND – UP shall maintain office at the UP Diliman campus.

Section 1The STAND – UP believes that education is a right. Section 2The STAND – UP believes that the present Philippine educational system is colonial, commercialized and repressive. This educational system is founded upon an agrarian, backward and foreign dominated society. Section 3The STAND – UP believes that there is a need to raise the awareness if the UP studentry and unite them to struggle for a nationalist, scientific and mass-oriented education. Section 4The STAND – UP shall preserve militancy in advancing the democratic rights and welfare of the students. Section 5 The STAND – UP shall integrate its struggle with that of the other sectors, serving not only the studentry but also the rest of the society. Section 6The STAND UP believes that in the practice of building principled unity and consensus.

Section 1Membership in the STAND – UP shall be open to all student formations and individuals in UP Diliman who are committed to the Alliance’s principles and objectives. Section 2The acceptance of organizations and individuals into the Alliance shall be determined the General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Membership Committee. Section 3Any member organization or individual may withdraw its membership at any time provided that an appropriate explanation is presented to the Membership Committee. Section 4Any member organization or individual may be given sanctions, including expulsion, by the Executive Board with the affirmation of the General Assembly and after a proper observance of sue process on the basis of wilful violation of this Constitution and any form o misconduct which undermines the integrity of the Alliance. Section 5Reaffirmation of membership shall be done annually through the General Assembly. Section 6The STAND – UP shall accept individuals as members provided that they are committed to the Alliance’s principles.

Section 1All member organizations shall determine and appoint their two (2) official representatives, i.e. regular and alternative representative, to the Alliance. a) They will represent their organizations in all meetings and consultations, as well as in the General Assembly, of the Alliance. b) The official representatives may duly elect or to be elected for their organization in any function of the Alliance. c) In the case that the official representative/s is unable to perform their tasks, the organization has the right to determine who would replace their official representatives. Section 2Every member organization is accorded one (1) vote each in...
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