Spread of Buddhism in China

Topics: Han Chinese, Buddhism, Han Dynasty Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: November 19, 2013
Tyler Redpath 11-4-13
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With Buddhism spreading from India to China it brought mixed results and opinions with it. Even though many Chinese people accepted Buddhism not all liked it and wanted to practice it. Buddhism was brought into China after the Han dynasty collapsing in 220 C.E. Buddhism was able to spread easier with people in doubt of their leaders and desperate to find an answer to their problems. The Chinese who didn't except Buddhism used it as an excuse for all of the hardship China went through. Buddhism was founded in India during the sixth century B.C.E. Meanwhile China was being invaded by central Asian nomads during this time period. Chinese people were suffering from these invasions which made their minds desperate for answers to the problem they had at hand. Buddhism taught people how to reach inner peace (Doc 1) and to reach nirvana (Doc 2). Nirvana was the ultimate goal of Buddhist which was being released from the reincarnation system and having total inner peace with oneself. This have Chinese hope into solving their problems and to help end their suffering. Document 1 was biased because it was written by Buddha himself making it already pro Buddhist. Document 2 was written by a Chinese scholar Zhi Dun making it biased because Zhi was rather stable without Buddhism as a practice and didn't suffer as much as a lower class Chinese person would during this time period. A document from a lower class Chinese person would make the document more reliable seeing how the lower class person would have suffered more during invasions in China. Not everyone thought Buddhism was the answer to all of their problems and suffering. Some Chinese thought Buddhism was the cult of barbarian people and not original to China (Doc 4 ). The Confusian scholar Han Yu who wrote this document said that Buddhism wasn't original to China and would destroy Chinese people with its power...
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