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Solution to Improve Customer Service, 12 May 2013/4/3
Report for: Directors of House & Home


This report delivers messages about the shortcoming of customer service and we have three feasible options to improve service:
Recruit more staff for each store.
Improve staff training.
Offer higher pay to sales staff.
Now we are facing some powerful competitors whose sales are offering better service than ours.

Recruit more staff for each store.
Our stores is obviously unstaffed but it isn’t a main problem we are facing. We still can work out systematic plan to serve more customers effectively through training. If we hire more staffs, it may be solve understaffed problem but we still get at the root. Moreover, recruiting more staff would make us over budget.

Improve training
Every staff in our company has obligation to know our products completely otherwise customers cannot get the right and useful information of our products. Then, our products cannot be sold because customers have no idea to figure our products out. In the other hand, training may be such as a exorbitant investment but It is sustainable.

Offer higher pay
Our stores’ salary is a little bit lower that others, and sometimes cannot hire good co-workers. In my opinion, we offer further job prospects who finishes and performs well at our training and never overspend.

I think the best solution is to make-up training to improve our sales service. There may be some new staff who do not work here so long but we can still give them more theory and share our own experience in customer service. After that, let them apply on work. Our sales service must be better than before and we never suffer from other competitors ever again.
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