sociology reflection essay

Topics: Television, Television program, Reality television Pages: 4 (1311 words) Published: December 9, 2014
Jennifer Tabor
Sociology 101, Sarah
June 5, 2014

Activity one reflection
The activity one i did was extremely frustrating and in a way depressing. I had completed activity one before i went on to reading chapter two and i noticed once i finished and began reading i had many of the same experiences as others in watching tv is not required. It was interesting to see the connection i had with the students in the book and the relationship we all had with our televisions. We all seemed to gain an understanding of just how much television runs our daily life choices. All of the small activities in activity one lead me to feel frustrated and a little lonely.The first small activity i decided to watch the Reba show; i chose this show because i like it a lot and i watch it often, so in a way i thought it would be less boring for me. Counting technical events at first didn't seem to bad, i sat down concentrated and was able to count the events pretty easy, beside the headache i started to get. i never realized how much goes in to watching tv and putting it all together, all the scenes, breaks, and interuptions my mind felt pressured to catch them all. After about only 4 or 5 minutes of trying to count i became ingulfed in the show, so i'm sure i had missed a lot of technical events. But i see now how TV is so addicting; It was scary to see how much i put my mind through on a daily basis. Gitlin had reported "Overall...'watching tv' is the dominant leisure activity of americans, consuming 40percent of the average person's free time as a primary activity." (Gitlin, pg.20 WTV) This is absurd, we consider watching tv a leisure activity when in reality watching tv is not allowing our minds to relax. We put our minds through hell when watching tv but we have been taught to isolate that fact, we have taught our brains to process all the events of television. Maybe that's one reason we become so attatched to our TV, our minds are going so fast we have...
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