Should You Listen to the Customer

Topics: Marketing, Sales, Customer service Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Luyao Zhang
Case study 1: Should You Listen to The Customer
22th Sep. 2012
1. Delacroix is an avant-garde dance troupe based in New York and its mission is to bring modern dance to as many people as possible. Natalia Georgio is the executive director in Delacroix. She plans to go internationally as well as television and film engagements. To achieve the plans, recently she hires a new marketing manager, Elizabeth Gardos, who has much experience before. Henry, a company’s founder, believes that company’s development is originally from employees and dancers, not from customers. Right now, Natalia faces a situation that she needs to decide whether to bring Elizabeth’s customer research plan to the board or follow Henry’s lead. “Should you listen to the customer” is the main puzzle in the situation.

2. 1) For short-term purpose, Delacroix need not do market research. 2) Survey should be put in perspective which is understands the customer.

3. My position is quiet neutral, but more inclined to customer research is not needed for short term purpose. In general, Delacroix should not launch customer research initiative. Although both sides have good points, but I still insist not launch customer research. The most important reason is that this type of company needs provide an unforgettable customer experience. This type of company is not a company that makes products where marketing department have to do lots of research, it is a company that delivers art. It is a dance company that people expect to be entertained and relaxed. If customers know before what is to be expected, they may feel boring and might not go back to see again. For example, if someone told customers what to expect in today’s movie, customers will not experience surprise in the movie. Dance performance is creative business and Delacroix cannot get that much meaningful data or information from customer research. When customers go to cinema, will the advertisement agency asking the...
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