Shahan Fashion and Apparels: Memorandum of the Association

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Top of Form
( ACT XVIII OF 1994 )
Shahan Fashion & Apparels (PVT.) LTD.

The name of the Company is Shahan Fashion & Apparels (PVT.) LTD. II.
The registered office of the Company shall be situated in Bangladesh. III.
The Objects for which the company is established are all or any of the following (all the Objects will be implemented after obtaining necessary permission from the Government /concerned authority /competent authority before commencement of the business):

To set up establish, install, erect, construct, mills and factories for making, manufacturing, producing all kinds of garments, cloths dresses and to sell, Import, Export and otherwise deal in same. To engage in the business of buying, selling, manufacturing, making, exchanging, importing, exporting and dealing in clothing of every kind, nature and description and to conduct operate, maintain, lease, buy and seal of clothing, clothing stores of every kind and nature and also to buy, sell, exchange and deal in all kinds of goods wares and merchandise of every description 2. 

To carry on the business as Garments Buying House, manufacturers of ready-made garments, textile, Composite Textile knitting & Woven and all kind of Sweater fabrics and dress making of all kinds and description. 3. 

To set up a Garments Accessories Industry also to carry on all or any of the business of Drawstring, Back Board, Tissue, Cartoon, Poly bags, Zippers, hungers Buttons, Fabrics in all kinds, dress makers, tailors halters Clothing’s, outfitters glovers, dry cleaners in readymade garments, Cotton, silken and woolen goods and knit wears of all sorts. 4. 

To carry on the business of dyeing, bleaching, textile, printing, tailoring, ginning, doubling, spinning, weaving, manufacturing, Washing, pressing, pacing, baling and all other manufacturing, curing or preparing processes and otherwise generally dealing and transacting all mercantile business in cotton, hemp, flex, wool, silk, artificial silk, rayon and any other material synthetic fibers and all products and by products thereof including twine, yarn cloth, linen, hosiery and other goods and materials whether textile, retted netted or looped either in the name of Company or in any other name 5. 

To manufacture, produce, export, import, buy, sell, trade and deal in and carry on the business of all sorts and descriptions of garment accessories, parts instruments, devices, articles, attachments and equipments including elastics, zippers, fasteners and labels made from plastic, leather, Steel, zinc, bronze, brass and all other metals and materials, and are used in the garments, luggage, shoes, fishing and other industries. 6. 

To carry on the business of manufacturers and dealers of accessories factory or industry of various kinds of garments accessories such as Poly bag, Hanger, Gum tape, Back board & Neck board, Button, Elastic Band, Twill Tape, Drawstring, Draw cord Zipper Shoulder pad Metal clip Adhesive tape Cello tape, Tag pin, Hang tag, Price tag, Sewing thread, Zipper, all kind of carton and packing materials 7. 

To sat up and establish and operate Knit composite mills, textile mills, cotton mills, weaving, sizing, dyeing or printing mills, finishing mills both for manufacturing of knit and woven fabrics made of cotton synthetic woolen rayon and any other fibers for 100% export purpose and to deal in embroidery thread hooks plastic clips chains labels printed or plain boxes carton and garments industry 8. 

To attain the business objectives company may enter into Partnership, Joint-venture, take over or Amalgamate with any other company and also to take Loans from Bank/other Financial Institutions in such a manner as may company thinks fit.

To mortgage the property and assets of the company as securities for loans and/or any credit facilities to be given to any associate company or...
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