Service request SR-kp-013

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Service Request SR-kf-013 Paper
Jeff Kruse, Holly Ezzell, Jean Kigathi
Eric Secrist University of Phoenix 01/13/2014

Statement of scope and goals
Kudler Fine Foods will be developing a system that will track each customer’s individual purchases. It will be done through a program we are calling our Frequent Shopper Program, this program will award to our customers loyalty points earned through their shopping habits, that can be redeemed for gift items as well as other products and services with external companies with which we will be partnering with as well as through Kudler. Instead of offering discounts to our customers for their frequent purchases as is done in some of the lower end supermarkets, our customers are more loyalty due to their focus on quality of their food purchases and finding those specialty items that cannot be purchased at other markets, we will offer incentives designed for high end customers. The customers purchase behavior will allow us to tweek the process as we go through this program as well as making the best offerings to best satisfy our valued loyal customers for their frequent purchasing at Kudler. These points our customers will earn them high end gifts, specialty foods and airline first-class upgrades and many other exceptional products. Our sales department will receive in-depth training on how to analyze the data received from the purchases that we are tracking from our customers. This is a critical part of the insight to please our most loyal customers. We will use this data to offer products on our shelves that our customers come to purchase and expect at Kudler Fine Foods. This will allow us to look at the most frequent purchases of our customers and compare with their corresponding profit margin to fit them into our product mix. The...
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