Service Recovery

Topics: Customer service, Retailing, Electronic commerce Pages: 4 (1302 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Service Recovery: Online Shopping Mall in Korea
Loyal customers are a vital asset of service companies. The most effective way to ensure repeat customers is to provide a product and service that meets or exceeds that customer’s expectations every time. Although this fact is important, effective application of recovery strategies may enable service mangers to maintain or even increase loyalty. Generally, good service recovery not only turns angry and frustrated customers into loyal ones, but it also has the potential to create more goodwill than if things do go wrong. To find out what company does when a customer has a complaint, I interviewed a process manager who works at online shopping mall in Korea and asked some questions on service recovery steps.

This company that I interviewed is based on the well-known department store in Korea called Shinsegae. It sells various types of products and is similar to American online shopping stores like Amazon and According to the process manager, many people nowadays buy products and services through World Wide Web because they lured by the ease of comparison shopping and the convenience of transacting business over the computer rather than traveling to the local mall. Even though many e-tailers are still focused only on acquiring customers and not servicing them, this company tries to have an aesthetically pleasing web site, create the customer support, online problem help, and other shopper-friendly features to keep e-shoppers coming back beyond one visit. The manager explains that the standard for customer service and problem solving is higher for the Web than it is in the offline, face-to-face customer service world. Because customers think of the Internet and the computers that drive it as fast and easy and expect the service they receive over the Internet to be fast and easy. Therefore, oftentimes, online shoppers start out with high expectations of the online shopping experience. The manager...
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