Service quality in the betting industry

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Betting in Mauritius is mostly focused on Horse Racing and Football Matches. Betting is considered to be a monetary activity where people bet for money to gain more if they win or lose the entire amount they bet if they lose. Though betting existed since 1812 in the form of horse racing, it is just recently that the industry started to reach its maturity. The betting industry started to develop with the introduction of various kind of betting such as the National Lottery and the development of existing one such as betting on international football matches. With the introduction of different organisation in the industry, such as Steven Hills and XYZ LTD, competition has risen and companies must look at delivering the service with the best quality in order to attract the most customers and have a competitive advantage over their rivals. The focus of this thesis will be only on horse racing and XYZ LTD as the company also offer to the public the possibility to bet on international football matches as well. It analyses the customer satisfaction on the different aspect of the service offered by XYZ LTD and also the expectation of the customers about the service before and their perception after experiencing the service of the company. The research of service quality was done on the Mauritian Betting System as no studies were carried out before on the betting industry. XYZ LTD was chosen to represent the industry in order to be able to analyse the extent to which service quality exists in its service offered. This will thus give an overview of the level of quality service offered by the Mauritian Betting System

The global business atmosphere is constantly changing and the demands for adaptability for organisations tend to be higher. Demands from customers, technological advancement, change of value and globalisation are factors that drive the need to change and develop organisations (Bruzelius & Skarvad, 2004). In this modern world of today, service quality is a crucial part of business, which makes it important to properly and correctly measure and research its effectiveness. However, in order to measure, it is important to define service quality and identify the dimensions of service quality in the betting system of Mauritius. This study is meant to analyse how the betting system is actually performing and how it can improve to overcome the challenge of globalisation. It is very important that an organisation provide service quality to stay in line with its competitors and remain in business for a long term.

The following research objectives have been developed for this study: 1. To know about the causes of poor service quality at XYZ LTD. 2. To measure the level of customer satisfaction and service quality at XYZ LTD. 3. To find out the expectation and perception of customers of XYZ LTD according to its service. 4. To find out how much the customers are satisfied according to their perception and expectation of the company. 5. To provide improvement (if any) to the actual services offered at XYZ LTD.

1.3 Research Questions
The following research questions are as follows:
1. What are the causes of poor service quality at XYZ Ltd?
2. How to measure the level of customer satisfaction and service quality at XYZ LTD? 3. What are the expectation and perception of customers of XYZ LTD? 4. How much the customers are satisfied according to their perception and expectation of the company? 5. What are the improvements (if any) to the actual services offered at XYZ LTD?

Chapter 1: Introduction
The actual chapter introduces the subject matter and the purpose of the study. The research objectives and structure of the dissertation is also included. Chapter 2: Literature Review
This chapter is an important one where quality, service, service quality is defined. Characteristics of services and the way we measure services is...

References: Tangibles
PZB (1991) found that the service quality dimension ‘tangibles’ can be split into two sub- dimensions, the first one putting emphasis on the equipment and facilities and the other one on personnel and communication materials
Reliability refers to the potential of performing the promised service accurately and dependably, that is delivery of service should be consistent and error-free (Parasuramen et al, 1985)
Responsiveness is defined as “the willingness to help customers and provide prompt service” (Yong, 2000, pp1017)
2.6 Measuring Service Quality
The SERVQUAL technique can be used by companies to better understand the expectations and perceptions of their customers (Parasuraman et al., 1988, pp12-37)
The development of the SERVQUAL scale was founded in service marketing theory which at that time did not provide sound conceptual foundations for investigating service quality (Parasuraman et al., 1985)
2.8 Customer satisfaction
Achieving customer satisfaction is the primary goal for most service firms today (Jones and Sasser, 1995)
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