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Topics: Physician, Service, Service system Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: April 15, 2014
Next, service provider can also be considered as the factor that might influence customers’ service experience in healthcare service system. Service provider can be defined as the primary provider of core service in the organization and in this case study Pantai Hospital Sungai Petani has been chosen as the organization to portray the Servuction Model and the representative of the healthcare service. So the service provider in Pantai Hospital is the doctors. By referring to Servuction Model service provider include in the service delivery system where it is visible to and experienced by the customer. It means that the service provider attitude and treatment will influence the customers’ service experience in that organization. In healthcare service context how the treatment given to the patients by the doctors might influence the patients’ service experience in that hospital. In this case study, the doctors in Pantai Hospital are professional doctor where they give their best services towards the patients. There are many specialists in Pantai Hospital that 24 hours prepare to give treatment for the patients. Besides that, the process for the patients to be checked by the doctor does not take a long time for them to wait. If there is a patient who come in an emergency that patient will get treatment immediately without facing any difficulties in the counter. Despite of that, the service provider in Pantai Hospital such as the nurses and the doctors often portrayed the good and etiquette attitude by smiling and friendly to the patients. In conclusion the service given by the service provider to the customers will influenced the service experienced of the customer. So service provider must provide good services towards the customer in order to give a good service experience to the customer.
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