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Topics: Telephone, Marketing, Customer service Pages: 2 (730 words) Published: October 16, 2013

Case 2 “Four Customers in Search of Solutions” of your textbook (p.468) and answer the three questions described on p.469.

1- Based strictly on the information in this case, how many possibilities do you see to segment the telecommunications market? In this case customers have already passed the post-purchase stage as they found their solution to their needs at the Bell Telecommunication Company. They have evaluated the experience attributes and faced some issues; therefore they have contacted a costumer service representative to report their complaints. Place & Time: the four costumers complaints are based in one area in Toronto at Willow Street in the middle-class suburb of the city, and they were all able to contact a costumer agent through the phone and all had problems at almost the same time between 1 week to several weeks. Product & Price: the four costumers, each have a different level of usage for Bell Telecommunication Company, discussing each case 1- Winston Chen: he is considered a heavy user (as he is in the top 2% of all households of high valued phone bills in Ontario) since he has multiuse of bell’s services including home telephone (international calls and local calls to different areas) and the Internet 2- Marie Portillo: she is considered a medium user (at which 50% of all bills are higher and 50% are lower) where most of her calls are local and long distance calls are made occasionally 3- Eleanor Vanderbilt: she is considered low users (where she is considered one of the bottom 10% of all household subscribers) and most her calls are local. 4- Richard Robbins: he is considered average user (since is bills in the 75th% for a household subscriber) where most of his call are local, however he has international call to US. 2- As a costumer service rep., how would you address each of the problems and the complaints reported? Those four costumers have reached the service encounter stage and had a core experience with the services provided by...
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