Service Management: Questions and Answers

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Feiran Zhang
Q1:What ethical issues are raised in the promotion of sales during a service transaction? A: I think that the first issue is whether the promotion is only to increase the business. That is to say, the company held this promotion just because of the bad quality of the products. This may hurt customers’ interest. The second issue is that sometimes the customers do not even know what they are doing. They are attracted by the promotion slogan or the exciting prices. Sellers exaggerate about the products and customers do not know details about these promotions. They are “deceived” to buy things.

Q2: Comment on the different dynamics of one-on-one service and group service in regard to perceived control of the service encounter.

First look at the service encounter triad. There are three elements, including service organization, contact personnel and customer. Perceived control takes place between contact personnel and customer. The service organization chooses the contact personnel and trains them into professional employees to deal with customers directly. For one-on-one service, first the service organization will impose some regulations on the contact personnel, telling them not to do something. Moreover, it is a one-on-one service, the contact personnel is dealing with only one customer. I think there are regulations about how to deal with one customer. Maybe the service organization does not take one person too seriously. The service organization wants to serve more people to improve the margin profit, not wasting too much time on just one person. The contact personnel on one hand will follow the rules from the service organization, on the other hand, they want to improve their own efficiency, so they may reduce the service quality, because they believe it is easy to deal with one person, he/she is not that important. The contact personnel wants to reduce their work too. This behavior definitely causes bad...
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