Service Management

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Happy Hot Pot

Service Management
Tutor: Prof. Margaret Chen

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Date: 30st April, 2012

Overview of Research Target
The Happy Hot Pot started operation since 2009. The first restaurant has operated for 3 years. And they have four restaurants totally. All of them are located in Kaohsiung. They are 光華店,青年店,小港店,林園店. They are Franchise Chain system. So the bosses of restaurants are different. Their target market is widely. They select economic class. It can be students, family, group and people who works near there. Because their customers widely, they should going to satisfied every customers’ need. So there are many flavors to be chosen for different degree of age people like. The open hours are disparate from each restaurant. They are depend on the target market of the area. Which close early because the residence there rest early and which open late because the area have more activity at night. But the same part is that they are all opening from 11am. There are lots of kind soups you can select for you dish. The Happy Hot Pot provided the more choice than other hot pot restaurants. The service is semi-self-service. The employees will just help you with you main course and some other order a la cart food. And you should get the sauce and drink by yourself. Although the suit of the hot pot is fixed with some vegetable, some slices of meat and some different kind of Hotpot ingredients. If there are some ingredient you are prefer or some you are dislike you can ask them to change the ingredients for you. They are providing a flexible service to make the customers satisfied. Cause The Happy Hot Pot is economic restaurant. The decoration there is not too fancy. Though the decoration of Happy Hot Pot is simple but the facility makes people feel comfortable and the environment is clean. The easily decoration can be accept from different life style people. The employees there are few. Depend on which restaurant located and how popular is the business. Because they are semi-self-service the number of employees need is fewer than the fine dinning restaurants which provide more service.

Customers Service Encounters
Case Study A
A group of student of our school walked into restaurant and took a seat. One of the waitresses brings up the menu to them. They choose the meal very soon, and moments later, the hot pot is served. They ordered a few extra ingredients not including the meal. When they pay the bill, the waitress is patient to receive bills from each single person. The waitress in account provides quality hospitality service to the customers.

Case Study B
A family of a couple and two kids sat behind us. Customers are greeted by the waitress whom menu is delivered and introduced by her later. They ordered three difference hot pots; the waitress is delivered some extra tableware to them for their children. Overall service is very nice and sweet to the family of the waiter.

Case Study C
A group of colleagues walk into the restaurant. The waiter led them to a bigger table and delivered menu to them. They sat together and choose the hot pots those they want very soon. The waiter checked and received the order list, and go back to order kitchen all hot pot. When they enjoy their meal, they chat loud. The whole service is attended by not only one waiter with common service standard.

Overall Analysis
The Happy Hot pot provides many kinds of hot pot to be choosing by different market, for example, the family of Case B, they choose the milk hot pot which health their children and children would be like it. In point of service, the waitress is positive to introduce their product to suit the diversified customers as well as possible, and you can exchange some specific ingredient which in the meal you dislike, that is a sweet manner for customers. However some of the customers find their own table before the waiter greets...
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