Service Failure and Service Recovery

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Few months back my experience with ICICI bank helped me identify with these concepts.

Service failure can occur on multiple dimensions. A core service failure occurs when a customer is not able to avail the service one has paid for. A service encounter failure occurs when customer interaction with employees of a firm leave the customer feeling negative about the firm.

I experienced the first type of service failure. In March 2010, while I was withdrawing money from my account, I discovered that my ICICI silver account had been blocked and expectedly hacked. A password was put on my account due to which I could not log in. (an authenticator barred me from my accessing my account and a random number was generated as a second password, which had to be entered after the first password.)

I tried contacting the customer care executive on telephone but that was impossible on Sunday evening 8pm. So I send an e-mail and got an automated response that they would get back to me on working day.

My father had always been satisfied with the banking services of ICICI, so I also decided to avail the service of same service provider due to its proven standards and achieved results.

* According to me, on the five dimensions of service quality, ICICI ranked high on assurance and empathy, however, they failed to deliver 'reliability' and 'responsiveness,' which resulted in the service failure. The severity of the service failure was high as incapability to secure my account and not responding to my call could have lead to a huge monetary loss to me. * Analyzing the above service failure in the context of 7 P's of services marketing, I found that there was problem on part of people, process and the offering. a. People: There was a failure on part of ICICI customer care department to entertain my call and address the issue. The personnel were not responsive in handling my situation of account hacking at the...
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