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Term Paper: Service Encounter
Subject: Services Marketing
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Bad Service Encounter:2
Blue Printing2
Dramaturgical Approaches:3
Service Scape:3
Hybrid Consumption:4
Emotional Labor:4
Good service encounter:5
Conceptual Framework for analyzing the service encounter:5
Blue printing5
Dramaturgical Approaches:6
Service Scape:6

Bad Service Encounter:
Motion has been the worst service encounter I have ever had up till now. It’s located in Jinnah Park Rawalpindi just besides Pappassallis. It is an entertaining service which comes under the hood of high involvement personal service because the presence of the consumer is necessary to perform the service. This service is using the concept of inseparability.

Blue Printing
When I reached the location I entered into a comparatively larger room and on the right there was ticketing booth, on the left there are 2 to 3 sofas placed which are supposed to accommodate the people who are waiting for their turn. Around 16-20 people can be entertained in a single ride where as there are only 2 sofas in the waiting room. Plus when you’re buying the ticket from the counter the salesperson not only doesn’t greet you properly but also he tells you nothing about the service they are offering or any other ticketing packages, The rate are written on a home printed page which is pasted onto the counter glass. After purchasing the ticket people are clueless that where to wait or what to do next. Plus there is no turn counter at the place so people don’t know for how long they are going to wait for their turn. Ride Exit

Blue printing which I think should be followed is as follows: Motion Ride

Ride Gate
Customer flow flow
Customer flow flow
Ticketing Booth
Food Stalls
Food Stalls
Waiting Area
Waiting Area

At motion ride everybody is roaming inside whether he has purchased the ticket and is there for the experience or he is just there to check out girls. Placing the ticketing booth outside the entrance will create an element of exclusivity for the consumers. Also there should be something entertaining when you’re entering after buying the ticket, Branding elements, food stalls, sofas that go with the ambiance etc. This will give an experience to the consumers that they might not forget. Plus entrance and exit doors should be separate because if there is a single gate it creates a lot of rush inside the place. Dramaturgical Approaches:

When you’re buying the ticket nobody greets you properly nor he asks whether you know about the service or the ticketing packages, they just stand their starring at you and it seems the only thing they are trained to say is “Jaldi Karein Please”.

There should be a proper interception line on which they should be trained. They should be in proper uniforms properly briefed about everything and the last but not the least “THEY SHOULD HAVE SMILLING FACES”. Service Scape:

The Motion ride is located in Jinnah Park Rawalpindi, an ideal place where there is so much happening. The Town’s biggest Cinema is located just besides it, leading Multi-National food chains surround this place, City’s biggest grocery store is here and on top of all there is a family park where people come to relax, walk, jog and exercise.

It has a big Parking space just outside it. Also they have plenty of space to accommodate larger amount of people. Ambiance:
When you enter through the door inside the location, it seems as if you have reached a TV lounge of a house where there are 2 sofas placed and a few pictures are hanged on the walls that are not much bigger then family sized portraits. The staff is not wearing any uniform neither there is any music inside which can be an...

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