Service Delivery

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Service Delivery

The goals of this paper are to research; diagram service delivery processes, and then describe how the process would be effective in the given situation. A research and define service delivery processes in different disciplines or areas to capture the best processes. A service culture will be defined and a description will be given as to why it is important. A description will also be given as to why service employees are critical to the success of delivery in any service organization. Using the writer on personal examples, the writer will discuss the general importance of customers in the successful creation and delivery of service experiences. Last, an internet search will be done to locate three services that the writer is interesting in exploring. The service will be described and outline the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing these services via e-commerce as opposed to the traditional market. The implications that purchasing online has for the service culture and customer experience will be given. Service Culture

Organizations have different culture and service culture is one thing that has a major impact on customers and their decision. Service culture consists of many components with each impacting customers and helping to establish the success or failure of customer service proposals (Lucas, 2008). Organizations sometimes over-promise and under-deliver due to their cultural and internal systems and do not have the ability to support customer service proposals (Lucas, 2008). “For example, assume that the management of an organization has their marketing department develop a slick piece of literature describing all the benefits of a new product or service provided by a new corporate partner organization” (Lucas, 2008, p. 1). A special 800 number is then launched for responses but the company is unsuccessful when it comes to hiring extra staff or sufficiently trained current employees to handle the customer calls. The venture is prone to be unsuccessful. A service culture allows the business to accomplish key business goals, solve vital problems and increase capabilities to aim at future prospects. Building a service culture: * Differentiates you in a marketplace of commoditized products  and services. You compete and win beyond price, features 

and specifications.
* Retains your best customers. Customer satisfaction is not  enough, you need to deepen relationships and deliver more service value than your competitors. * Drives innovation. Everyone keeps improving and looking for  new ways to exceed your customers’ rising expectations.

* Improves your bottom line by reducing waste and unnecessary costs. You focus on actions that generate value for your customers. * Attracts and retains the best talent. Employees want to be part  of winning teams with a superior culture.

* Positions you for growth. Service is the competitive advantage crucial to your ability to target strategic growth opportunities. (Your Service, 2013, p. 1) Service employees are critical to the success of delivery in any service organization for many reasons. For example, a waiter in a restaurant is actually the conductor of all the process related to the customers. The customer might never return if...

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