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Topics: Management, Board of directors, Corporate governance Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: September 15, 2013
Application exercise #4: Self-assessment
I choose to do a complete self-assessment as a start to think about my next job as I will need to make a change from LPN to RN soon after I finish my BN program.
Self-assessment: my personality is pleasant, sensitive, honest and caring. I value dignity, independence, fairness and enjoy treating everyone equally. I believe everyone has a side of kindness regardless of their behavior, and it is God who created everything including human. I like a friendly and relaxed environment and do not like too much tense on the job. My lifestyle is slower comparing to my full-time coworkers. I work part-time but do continuing study and house work when I get days off. My family consists of my husband, my son and me. We live in a house located in a new formed community. My son has just graduated from college and will start to work in this Aug. and for that he will live apart from us. I have many friends who I often go out with or party together including my previous classmates and the people who came from the same town when we were in China. I basically go for a jog everyday either in the early mornings or in the late evenings. Sometimes I go hiking with my family. For my future, I think I will continue to work until I am unable to regardless of my age, but I will do it slowly. I want to continue to work in rehabilitation field or may look into some other related fields such as correctional centers or insurance company. In addition to my English, my Mandarin and background as a mechanical engineer would give me opportunities to connect with more people. At last, as I enjoy having time with my patients very much, my nursing preference tends to work for the people with competent cognition or with potential opportunities to recovery from a bad condition both physically and mentally. My Personal Board of Directors

My board of directors who can help me with my improvement plan consist of my medical doctor who can give me professional...
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