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Silvio Napoli at Schindler India

劉依雯 陳曉帆 喬聖琳
鄭牧民 吳永隆 林鴻昌
黃敏偉 黃成翰 曾勁榕

“Mr. Napoli, if you fall on your face here you are
finished! But if you succeed, you will have a very
nice career.”
Luc Bonnard, Vice Chairman, Schindler Holding Ltd.
New Delhi, India
Nov. 1998

Schindler 的歷史



Formal Swiss company, where the hierarchy
was clear, politeness important, and first

6.6B CHF
38,000 employee

8.8B CHF
48,000 employee

Schindler Top Management


• Head of Corporate Planning
(Strategic review, benchmarking, competitor analysis)
• Assistant of Mr. Schindler
• Staff to the Corporate Executive Committee, VRA

Swatch project
A major assignment initiated by VRA in 1995
Standardized ultra-low cost elevator, non-cust

Sensitive discussions between Napoli and pla
nts in Switzerland, France, & Spain
Outcome: S001
Increased out-source ratio
Incorporated processes never seen in Schindler
Redesigned supply chain and reduced industry

standard leadtime (20~30wks) to 50%

Indian entry project
Napoli, assigned by VRA, to work with BCG to i

dentify suitable local partners after BBL JV fail
ed in 1996
No suitable candidates found, but 100% wholl
y owned subsidiary was becoming legally feasi
Napoli spent 9 months with market experts an
d local consultants and submitted his BP to VR
BP approved in Oct 1997 and Napoli was offer
ed the job to of creating Indian subsidiary

Why India?
In 1995, Mr. Schindler travelled to Asia during 6-months sa

bbatical period, to review long-term strategy
After 3,000 kms travel in 6 wks in a small Ford renta
l car in India, Mr. Schindler saw India as a second China
“India will be our Formula One racing track.” In the aut o industry, 90% of all innovations are developed for and te
sted on Formula One cars and then reproduced on a much
larger scale and adapted for the mass market. We are test
ing things in India— in isolation and on a fast track —t hat probably could not be done anywhere else in the comp
any. The expectation is that what we prove can be adapte
d to the rest of the group.”

Napoli’s view
I realized that the future manager of the ne

w company would be key to the success of t
he business plan I had been working on.
I was conscious that my early involvement in t
he project made me a candidate, so when the
offer came, I was not surprised. Deep down, I
knew I could do it.
More surprising was the reaction of my head
quarters’ colleagues, who thought I was
crazy to take such a high-risk career move th
at involved dragging my family to a developin
g country.

Bonnard’s view
There are two possible profiles in a country like India. The

first is a young guy who knows the company, people, and
products; the second is someone who is 55 years old with
grown kids looking for a new challenge.
Mr. Napoli knew lots of people. He was open to go new way s. We needed someone who could handle different cultu
res, who was young and flexible.
We needed to trust the person we sent, and we trusted h
im 100%. And we needed a generalist, not a pure special
ist. We needed someone who had courage.
Finally, I believe that the people who make the busi
ness plan should have to realize it. Of course, we als
o needed to have someone who was willing to go.

Relocating to India
Got stuck in one of the BBL’s elevators on his 1 st day i

n the Delhi office
6hrs after family landed the 2-yr-old daughter fell with
deep wound requiring stitching under total anesthesia
2wks later, my wife got food poisoning which required
one week hospitalization and even threatening miscar
The day she came back home my 3-yr-old son fell in h
otel bathroom and broke his front tooth
For the only time in my life, I really wondered, whethe
r I could stand this much longer?

Relocating to India
You can’t set your watch by the Indian...
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