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Topics: Television, Satellite television, Culture Pages: 20 (6325 words) Published: October 14, 2010
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Satellite TV is most important mode of entertainment for all classes and age of people in Dhaka. Day by day its demand is increasing rapidly in Dhaka city. These satellite programs have lots of impact in our day to day life but having instead of good effect bad comes first like they are causing very worse influence over the people of Dhaka city and are also affecting the cultural life. Our culture based on some social value, norms, language, tradition which are getting affected to some worse due to these very satellite channels. To know how people of Dhaka are affected by satellite programs, which age of people are mainly affected by it, how satellite is changing our cultural norms, how it is having a bad impact in our society, to what extent it is liable to destroy our culture and affecting our lives not for good but for worse. Does it have only bad effect or if it is some good for the peoples life, we did a survey to know the answers of all these questions, this survey includes all sort of personnel from the professional working people in Dhaka city, to the self employed, house wives and even the people who so contribution to the society is not much. In our survey we had chosen 21 people who are living in Dhaka city and all are regularly viewer of various satellite channels and the programs. The age group of these people is from 21 to 40 and they professionally involve in all sort of government job, retired officer, businessman, housewife, student, working woman. We asked them some questions related to satellite programs and came t know their opinions over satellite channel. Of all these people we got some different types of opinion or suggestions how it has affected our culture or Dhaka city peoples life and how we can get this corrected. Most of the people think that young generation in our city, our language, cultural norms, our dressing sense, eating habits are affected. As per them young generation is first attacked by the satellite channels, because it is the young generation who watch and like the dramas, films on violence and crime, some daring programs such as AXN channel programs. They also see the obscene films. These entire things have a damaging affect on their soft mind, which is so fertile that it will grow whatever you sow in their mind. And once they had the roots lay deep, it will remain their and may prove futile for them as well for the society. They will try to imitate the same which they had seen and this may lead them to commit crime and may prove dangerous for the entire society. A generation which is responsible for making new paths of the development of the nation may take it to the wrong way it needs to telling that young persons are going astray day-by-day. They are also becoming addicted to narcotics, smoking which is being so glamorized in programs they watch. The percentage is very low who like any kind of educative programs. Another site which satellite programs are affecting worse is affecting people living style, because most of the time we see in western, Indian, mixed cultural program and these entire programs teach us or telecast their cultural life living style. Due to all these external cultures are being imposed on ours own and our own culture is getting diminished day by day. Apart from the bad effects it also has some good affect in our life. Such as- Television is a source of recreation and information. After a long day of hard work we sit before satellite program and hear music and songs. We enjoy drama, dance and many other things. Sometimes satellite broadcast some good programs which are quite educative. It teaches the illiterate and the students. We hear and enjoy debates, lectures on various important topics, discussions on science and speeches through television. It has broken the wall between the literate and the illiterates. Now-a day people need not go to stadium to enjoy a game. Satellite telecasts some sports channel like star sports, esp., etc....
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