Sat Prompt for 10th Grade 2010

Topics: Television, The Impressions, Television advertisement Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: November 13, 2010
SAT Prompt for 10th Grade

Images and impressions do have too much of an effect on people. They obstruct a person’s view of other people or things. Television commercials are good examples of making people convinced of something. Teenagers are also good at making images and impressions have a major effect. Magazines are also an example of the way images strike people. Images and impressions are very much relied on to amp up sales, change a style, or even convince someone of something. Television commercials are often created with a cleverness to make T.V. viewers believe things that might not be wholly true. For instance, the Axe cologne commercials are very well put together, showing a bunch of girls going crazy and chasing after a boy who had just sprayed Axe on himself. The hilarity and seemingly truthfulness of the commercial makes guys go out and buy Axe to “get” girls. In reality, many girls think that most Axe scents reek of household cleaners mixed with the guys’ locker room and pepper. With that in mind there aren’t any girls crazy enough to chase after that! The interesting thing is that a simple minute long commercial can have such an impression that it’s product sells remarkably. Because of the weight images and impressions have, teenagers use them to their advantage. Teenagers are often great billboards of what is currently “in” - whether that be clothes, hairstyle, digital devices, or other accessories. If a teen is wearing fashion forward clothing and accessories they are considered “cool”. It might also be the other way around as well. A teen not wearing what is “cool” the impression they give is that they aren’t cool and probably not interesting. Teenagers walk on thin ice when pining for the attention of those who are “popular”. The images that they project and the impressions they give to other teens go a long way and determine their social status at school.

Magazines ads are also great examples of the effect images have on people. A new...
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