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About Samsung Electronics
Under the business philosophy of “devoting our human resources and technology to creating superior products and services, thereby contributing to a better global society,” Samsung Electronics will put more focus on sustainability management to serve our continued growth as well as creation of stakeholder value.

Vision 2020
Since its inception in 1969, Samsung Electronics has grown into a world class IT company. Upon its 40th anniversary, the company adopted a new vision of “Inspire the World, Create the Future” in 2009. Going forward, we will inspire the world through new technologies, innovative products, and creative solutions while creating a prosperous future by enhancing stakeholder value.

Achievement in 2010 vs. Target for 2020

Brand Value

Most Innovative Company

Global Top 5

19 39




Sales in 2010

Global Top 5

11 7



Most Admired Company

Sales target in 2020 US$400 billion

Eco-friendly Management

Global Top-tier


Global Top 10

Employment Status
As of the end of 2010, Samsung Electronics’ total global employment stands at 190,464, which break down into 95,662 working in Korea (including 1,370 contractors) and 94,802 outside of Korea (including 5,374 contractors). Outsourced workforce numbers 67,750 persons. 161,700

Employment Status by Region (unit: Persons)

190,464 157,701 85,089 72,612
2009 2010

Due to distinct seasonality in the manufacturing sector, maintaining an appropriate level of contract-based workers during the peak season is needed to enhance the operational efficiency. When necessary, these workers are converted to regular employee status. 2008

84,464 77,236

95,662 (50.2%) 94,802 (49.8%)


Business Units & Major Products
About Samsung Electronics

In 2010, Samsung Electronics proceeded with organizational restructuring for its end-user products and global operations to enhance business synergies. The Digital Air Solution (DAS) Team, which oversees air conditioners and Samsung Gwangju Electronics were merged into the Digital Appliance Business. The consolidation of raw material procurement, development of key components (motors and compressors), and overseas business units increased operational efficiency. The Telecommunications Systems Business’s set-top business was integrated into the Visual Display Business to enable sharing of core competencies in areas such as chipsets and ecosystems. For global operations, we have a regional structure that takes into account market characteristics. For the set businesses, a team dedicated to Central and Eastern Europe was created under the Europe Regional Headquarters to make further headway into the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe. Components sales subsidiaries at the country level have been reshuffled into regional headquarters for components (Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia).

Organization CEO



Visual Display Division

IT Solution Division (PC, Printer)

Mobile Digital Appliance Communications Division Division

Network Division

Digital Imaging Division

Semiconductor Division

LCD Division

Major Products
Visual Display TV, Monitor, Set top box IT Solution Labtop, PC, Printer, Multifunctional device Digital Appliance Refrigerator, Washing machine, Air-conditioner, Vacuum cleaner Mobile Communications Smartphone, Feature phone, MP3 player

Network Mobile WiMAX, LTE solution, W/CDMA solution

Digital Imaging Digital camera, Camcorder

Semiconductor DRAM, Flash memory, SSD, System LSI

LCD LCD panel

2011 Sustainability Report I 7

Corporate Governance
Samsung Electronics promotes transparency and accountability with an advanced corporate governance structure. Full support is extended to the board of directors to facilitate creative management with the ultimate goal of maximizing corporate value, while every effort is made...
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