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Topics: Television, Culture, Adolescence Pages: 4 (771 words) Published: November 17, 2014
Rudhra Mathiarasan
Ashely Eakes
ESL 111
October 27, 2014
Reality Television and its effects on the teens of our society
The social changes that have followed the shift from traditional to modern society have given the family a great deal of “leisure” time to be filled in the home (Alexander 51).Reality TV is a huge part of our television viewing culture. On average, a teen will watch 28 hours of television per week, adding up to almost 15,000 hours a year. Americans spend 1/3 of their free time watching television and of that 67% are reality shows. That's more hours than they go to school, which is about 11,000 hours a year (Skeen). In watching reality shows teens are more exposed to vulgar language and violence, drugs ( drinking and smoking), early teen pregnancy, etc.  Due to this exposure to reality TV has inculcated modern day of teens, and it affects their moral and social values. Firstly, the use of vulgar languages and violence causes teenagers to have no respect for the elders. The language that they use is abusive, but they consider it as a “Modern Culture”. The Media scope National Television Violence Study found that children are learning aggressive attitudes and behaviors becoming desensitized to real world violence. Many of the programs that children watch send the message that a conflict always involves a winner and a loser. On television, perpetrators go unpunished 73% of the time. This gives the message that violence is a successful method of resolving conflicts. 47% of all violent interactions on TV depict no harm to victims. 58% show no pain

Only 16% of all broadcast programs show the long-term negative effects of violence. (crisis This activities has been disturbing the cultural values of our society and this sets a bad example for the next generation. Secondly, the consumption of drugs and alcohol has increased among the teens, which has been influence by the television shows. the American Academy of Pediatrics...

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