Roman and Han Empire comparison and contrast essay

Topics: Roman Empire, Han Dynasty, Confucianism Pages: 3 (827 words) Published: March 2, 2014
Comparison and Contrast Essay
The Roman and Han empires enjoyed many prosperous years at approximately the same time. Both empires had developed centralized political systems that had both advanced and highly civilized societies in their region. As a result of their sophisticated advancements, plus technological and industrial gains both economies benefited from innovation, natural resources and commerce. Although their political systems were centralized, political arrangements were dissimilar by governmental structure, religious influence and emperor authority. Both economies differed in the utilization of trading routes, earning revenue and how they sought resources. In the end, corruption and continued attacks contributed to the fall of both dynasties. Both the Han and Roman Empire had centralized governments that were driven by theological and ideological values. The Roman Empire considered themselves a republic, who emphasized an emperor that had to appease a senate and military, whereas the Han dynasty included civilian authority and a military commandant; both having immense responsibilities to the central government. The Han, which was driven by the ideology of Confucianism; emphasized “the welfare of the people.” The similarities of both empires include political prosperity through the lens of innovated societies and developed institutions where scholars could study mathematics, astronomy and science. Due to these sophisticated environments, both political governments’ were able to protect themselves and fight off invasions by the development of strong military defenses. As both governments expanded so did the diversity of the people they governed and due to the expansion in new territories the governments became natural diverse. Although their approaches were different, the Han were genius in working with key leaders from different communities to gain support as compared to the Romans who resorted to war to win over the people of different ethnic or...
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