Research Proposal- Exposure of Sexual Content on Television

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|Serial No. |Title of Section |Page Number | |1 |Introduction |2-9 | |2 |Background |10 | |3 |Research Problem |10-11 | |4 |Objective |11-12 | |5 |Significance of study |12-13 | |6 |Literature Review |14-18 | |7 |Methodology |18-20 | |8 |Research Instrument – Survey Questionnaire |20-25 | |9 |References |26-31 |


This research investigates the sexual content on television and the youth in Malaysian society.

What is Sexual Content?

Firstly, the meaning of ‘sexual content’ needs to be operationalized in order to proceed with the research. Sexual content is thus defined as any depiction of sexual activity, sexually suggestive behaviour, conversations on topics about sexuality or sexual activity (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2005). To be considered as sexual behaviour, actions must convey a sense of potential sexual intimacy (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2005). For example, a passionate kiss between two characters with an apparent romantic interest would be classified as sexual behaviour, but a kiss on the cheek as a form of greeting between two friends would not be. Usually, sexual behaviour appears in the form of passionate kissing, intimate touching, nudity, and intercourse (Kunkel, et al., 2005). Sexual dialogue involves a range of different types of conversations. It can ultimately be classified into one of six distinct categories: comments about own or others’ sexual actions or interests; conversations about sexual intercourse that have already occurred; conversations hinting or leading towards sex; conversations about sex-related crimes; expert advice on sex, and other (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2005). Implied sexual activity or intercourse is said to occur when a program portrays one or more scenes immediately adjacent (considering both place and time) to an act of sexual intercourse that is clearly inferred by narrative device (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2005). For example, a scene involving a couple kissing, groping, or undressing one another as they stumble into a darkened bedroom, followed by the dissolving of the scene; or a couple shown waking up in bed together. All types of sexual content in media may include the above portrayed via song lyrics, internet, online and television advertisements, television programmes, movies, dramas, music videos, posters, magazines, newspapers, novels etc. Media and Effects

Media has become a strong influence in society, especially on the youth of today. People are constantly exposed to a huge number of images of violence, sex, celebrities, products, and so much more on television that it has become the most influential media distribution channel. So, it can be said that it affects the children (6 years to 12 years of age), teenagers (13 years to 17 years of age) and young adults (18 years to 25 years of age) in various ways. These effects of sexual media content on viewers include cognitive, emotional, attitudinal, and behavioural outcomes (Huston, Wartella, and Donnerstein, 1998). In other words, sexual content on television...
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