Research of Service Quality in Sheraton Macao Hotel

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Service quality is becoming an important part in hotel industry. Thus, it is significant to measure and find effectiveness of service quality based on customers’ satisfaction.The paper is a brief analysis of service gap in Sheraton Macao Hotel. According to the questionnaires and investigation, we hope to find out the customers’ satisfaction in Sheraton Macao hotel and whether Sheraton Macao Hotel can satisfy her customers. Key words: Sheraton Macao Hotel, customers’ satisfaction.

1. Introduction
As the importance and size of the service sector of the global economy grows, the study of services and innovation are becoming increasingly important. In order to have a good relationships with customers, service provider need to appropriately adjust the quality of their customer service. Service quality is a major influence on customer satisfaction as customers buy products or services and on whether they continue to do so. Macao is a place with all kinds of hotels, especially, five-star hotel. In recent, Sheraton Macao Hotel is located in Cotai Central in Cotai, Macao. Featuring two towers, Sky and Earth, Sheraton Macao Hotel is the largest hotel in Macau. With 3,896 well-appointed, modern and inviting guestrooms and suites, it's also Starwood Hotels & Resorts' largest hotel worldwide. This flagship Sheraton hotel is designed to offer all guests. Sheraton Macao Hotel hopes to provide her guests full lasting memories.

2. Literature Review
In the hotel industry, it is hard to tell the service is good or not just by the word from the employees or the guests. But, SERVQUAL provides a technology for measuring and managing service quality (Buttle 1995). And it compares the overall performance and the overall importance with five dimensions, which included tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy. In SERVQUAL, both - store service performance and consumer expectations of the hotel, are explicitly measured to assess the ‘gap’. Several researchers find the performance perceptions to be sufficient in assessing service quality as compared to the gap (Carman, 1990). In this report, some gaps will exist in different dimension, such as service quality specifications and service delivery, consumer expectation and management perception, etc. Customers’ perceptions of service quality result from a comparison of their before-service expectations with their actual service experience. The service will be considered excellent, if perceptions exceed expectations; it will be regarded as good or adequate, if it only equals the expectations; the service will be classed as bad, poor or deficient, if it does not meet them (Vázquez et al., 2001). Most of the guests choose to stay in Sheraton Hotel again because of the good past experience.

3. Using Methods in Research
For the purpose to know service in Sheraton Macau Hotel, we distributed 30 questionnaires to customers directly and ask them some question face to face. And also we interviewed 4 Managers in Sheraton Macao Hotel. At last, we use excel to calculate and analysis the data.

4. Analysis
4.1 Analysis of SERVPERF Dimension 1: Tangibility
Tangibility is referring to physical facilities, equipment, and appearance of personnel. Beginning with the first dimension, tangibility, we spilt the data based on Question1 (1), (2), (3) and (4). Question1 (1) and (2) mentions that this hotel has up to date, modern equipment which are visually appealing. The average degree of satisfaction is over 6. It is on quite a high level. However, it does not reach the perception of managers. In manager’s perception, Sheraton Macao Hotel should totally have up to date, modern equipment. It’s talking about the uniforms for service employees in Question1 (3). The overall importance is 6.75. But there is only 6.033 in overall performance. There is quite a big gap. It may because the management on appearance aspect is not very strict. Sometimes employees ignore the detail...
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