Report on Two Managers

Topics: Wisma Atria, Leadership, BreadTalk Pages: 6 (1837 words) Published: December 29, 2012
No.| | Page No.|
1.0| Introduction | 3|
2.0| Profile of Managers and their Archievement.| |
| 2.1 - A Brief Profile of George Quek and a Summary of Archievement| 3| | 2.2 - Decisional Role -Disturbance Handler| 4|
| 2.3 - A brief profile of Adrin Loi and a Summary of Archievement| 4| | 2.4 – Interpersonal Role - Leader| 5|
3.0| Key Qualities for Success| |
| 3.1 George Quek – Leadership Skill| 5|
| 3.2 Adrin Loi – Leadership Behaviour and Style Supportive and Coaching| 6| 4.0 | Conclusion | 6|
| Appendixes| |

1.0 Introduction
The scope of this report is to give a description of sucessful managers in terms of their leadership behavior and leadership styles. Managers is an organisational member who integrates and coordinates the work of others in order to archieve organisational goals. The main objective of this report is to identify what make a successful manager/leader to the extend of how well they manage their own employees and businesses. This report begins with the brief profile of two managers and their achievements from BREADTALK GROUP LIMITED and Ya Kun International Private Limited. This is follow by the key qualities that make these two managers so successful . Thereafter, the report is conclude by how similar both managers of different organisation are and the lessons that have been learnt from these successful managers.

2.0 Profile of Managers and their Archievement
2.1 A Brief Profile of George Quek
George Quek is managing director of BreadTalk and the executive director of Topwin Singapore, who ventured into the food and beverage (F&B) industry by bringing Singapore’s local delights to Taiwan before 2000. One of his successful busineses, selling wove dragon-beard candy, turn out to be so great that five additional kiosk was being expanded in Taiwan with a sales of $240,000 per month. In July 2000, George launch his first BreadTalk stores with boutique bakery concept, fusing bread and art. In the same year, he also listed the company on the Singapore Exchange after the first opening BreadTalk outlet. As a result of the listing, this brought great recognition to both George Quek and BreadTalk. A Summary of Archievement

George Quek, founder of BreadTalk , Chairman and Managing Director, BreadTalk Pte Ltd, has won the Emerging Entrepreneur Category of the Entrepreneur of the Year 2000, organised by The Business Times by Ernst and Young . In addition, George Que was also been recognise for his entrepreneurial creativity record such as coming up with the “Floss Bun” and also not forgetting his successful career, and hence, he was awarded by the Wisconsin International University in 2002.

2.2 Decisional Role -Disturbance Handler
Many bakeries including those in residential neighborhoods ,became competitors of BreadTalk after it’s success and had also begun to make breads similar to BreadTalk’s signature “Flosss bun”. However, this did not discourage George. Together with his team, he developed a plan to rationalize the operations of BreadTalk and position it for future growth through diversifying its business and market.Within three years, George transformed BreadTalk into a premier F&B brand management company. He not only revamped the BreadTalk bakery chain, he also brought in the chain of Din Tai Fung restaurants from Taiwan and started food atriums such as Food Republic – in Singapore and across the region.

A brief profile of Adrin Loi
Adrin Loi is the executive chairman of Ya Kun International. Being the youngest son in the family, he and his 7 other siblings help out at they parents stall selling kaya toast and coffee back in the 1980s. As times passes, Adrin Loi picked up tricks about trade through working at his parents stall. After the death of his father, Ah Koon, Adrin Loi took over the business and managed to expand the company from a single outlet to a chain spanning all over seven...
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