Report on Service Encounters

Topics: Quality of service, Service, Services management and marketing Pages: 12 (4519 words) Published: October 14, 2008
2.0 BODY 2.1 Service encounters, service relationship and level of customer contact. 4 2.2 The framework of evaluation of services encounter 4
2.2.1 Customer expectations and customer emotions in the services encounters 5 2.3 Customer Satisfaction and Service Quality 6 2.3.1 The rate of service quality 6 2.4 Service failure and service gaps 7 2.4.1 Recommendation : Service gaps model 8


The purpose of this report is to perceive the intended meaning of the six service encounters that has been visited. In this report, the service encounters has three levels of customer contacts i.e. high-contact services, medium-contact services, and low-contact services which creates part of the service as a system (Lovelock, Patterson, and Walker, 1998). It is important to also understand the framework of evaluation service encounter because it is relate closely with customer-contact and how the orientation of customer-driven orientation match with the expectation, which has been discussed in many marketing academic journals. It can be seen later in the report that one of the several factors that are known to influence customers' evaluations of the services encounters also is the role of emotion. In recent studies shows that not only emotion but also the customer expectation will affect the customer satisfaction and service quality. According to Cronin et al (2000), emotions and quality is the base of attributes to satisfaction. A stronger relationship could be gained through a development of positive emotional responses between the customer and the individual employees (Liljander and Strandvik, 1995). Through the strong positive emotional responses, it could create a strong relationship and this can give firm a possibility to respond to service failure. 'Service failure' will also be discussed in this report, because it is part of the risk in losing customers in an organization (Zemke and Bell, 1990). Therefore, in this report also the identifying fail points of the services is highly important as closing the service gaps through understanding the expectations which is the Gap 1 (Appendix 2) i.e. learn what customers expect. Here, the 'Gap' model of service quality will be used as part of the recommendation of the report as the service recovery. This is because by restoring and correcting satisfaction and service quality, customers' satisfaction can lead to a long-term relationship and thus creates loyalty in customer.

2.0 BODY
2.1 Service encounters, service relationship and level of customer contact. The definition of "service encounter" can be defined in different ways. One of it that has been defined by Den Harring and Mattson(1999, p28), "as the time frame during which a customer directly interacts with service providers". In another word, service encounter occurs when a stranger had one-time communication with no expectation of interacting in the future (Gutek, et al, 2000). Due to the service encounter, a service relationship could be gained through the encounter. Customer that engages in repeat contact will achieve a permanent acceptance of relationship. In this report, the level of customer contact plays an important part in creating a service system that will result a service relationship in the end of the encounter. There are three levels of customer contact i.e. (i) high-contact services, (ii) medium-contact services and (iii) low-contact services. Based from the word itself defined the level how customer involvement with the service organization (Lovelock et al, 1998). From the six service encounters (Appendix 1), encounters 2,3,4,5 and 6 shows a high-contact services that the service provider and I are actively involved throughout the service delivery. As for encounter 1 it shows the medium-contact services that involve less with the service provider as the procedures of had little contact with the service...
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