Report on Possible Improvements to Customer Service

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Report On Possible Improvements To Customer Service
1. Why it is important to improve what is offered
It is important to improve what is offered in a business as it will keep current customers satisfied and maintain existing customers. It is also important to remain competitive in the current climate and not to lose customers to competitors. Through improving what is offered the business will expand and gain new customers through good reputation, and good reputation should reduce the number of complaints made by customers. This in turn will increase efficiency of the staff and increase sales and profit. Improvements to customer service can be made through quality of service, reliability and organisation.

2. Quality of service
Improvements to the quality of service in a business can affect many areas in a good way. For example: Self-checkouts – These will cut down on queues therefor the customers will be more relaxed and leave the business happy. A business such as River Island can be very busy at times an introduction of self-checkout could really cut their queues down. Product range, quality – This will ensure that the customers are happy with what they are purchasing. River Island could expand their range of clothing and maybe invite a celebrity designer to design a limited range of clothes. Topshop has done just this by inviting Kate Moss to design clothes for them. Price – Reductions, promotions and prizes will entice customers to the business and are more likely to make more purchases. River Island could have a 50% sale every two months which will attract more customers. Increase points on card – The customers will feel they are gaining when they spend. River Island has gift cards and store cards in which customers can get extra discounts. They also have a 10% student discount. Better guarantees/insurance – Different ranges of insurance and guarantees will entice customers to take out insurance and guarantee their products and guarantee the products for longer periods of time. Delivery/Online shopping – A delivery service will help customers who are unable to get to the business and it would also help to take away other appliances. For example if you deliver a fridge and take away the old one. Online shopping will also help customers who are inconvenienced by the distance they may have to travel to shop in the store. River Island have a modern, innovative and user friendly online site, which is colourful and easy to navigate thought, this makes it more inviting for customers.

3. Reliability
Reliability is very important in a business as customers need to know that they can depend on the business. Delivery – Customers need to know they can depend on your delivery service. For example giving specific times so the customer doesn’t have to wait around all day, and making sure that the delivery is on time. River Island’s UK Standard Delivery Service costs £3.95 per order, whether you purchase 1 item or 10. This service can take between 3-4 working days and deliveries are made between 7am-7pm Monday to Saturday. Ordering facilities – Businesses should provide an ordering service if a certain product/size/colour is not in stock, this means that the customer gets the exact product they want and go away happy. Returns – A returns facility should be put in place as things can go wrong with products and the customer may have to change it for a new one or get their money back. River Island’s returns policy is that if you need to return an item you can do so within 14 days of receipt. Returning your items from within the UK is easy. For your convenience you can return items the following 3 ways:  - Direct to any River Island Store 

- Freepost via any UK Post Office
- Via courier using the River Island Parcel Collection Service

Stock levels – Staff should make sure that the stock is correctly managed as certain items may sell quicker than others. They need to keep a check and know when to order more...
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