Religion on Politics

Topics: Han Dynasty, Judaism, Confucius Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Farah Yasser

Influence of Religion on Politics
A good question that might be asked sometimes to clarify historical incidence; does politics influence politics, or religion influences politics? This is a very controversial issue, but I believe that religion influences politics. I will illuminate on some cases in history that reflect on this point of view which are the influence of Christianity on Rome, Confucianism on the Han Dynasty and finally the effect of religion on politics in this stage of time. Any understanding of Christianity has to start with Judaism because Jesus was born a Jew and he grew up in the Jewish traditions. By the time Jesus was born, Israel was a part of Rome which was under the control of Herod the great who suppressed the Jews. Jesus was a very charismatic and attracted a small but loyal group of followers. The Jews then crucified Jesus because they considered him a threat to them. The romans kept making things worse for the Jews which made much more people follow Jesus hanging on to the belief that he was their savior. While the Roman Empire was declining, Emperor Constantine allowed the worship of Jesus and finally he converted to Christianity himself. He built the Hagia Sophia to show his respect for Christianity, this helped the empire in many ways; economically and religiously. Another Example is the effect of Confucianism on the Han dynasty. Confucius was a great Chinese philosopher. He tried to pass on his teachings in china during the Qin dynasty. The Qin dynasty also suppressed many people who supported Confucianism which is considered almost a religion from the teachings of Confucius. The Han dynasty then came and made Confucianism the official ideology of china. The System changed when they followed Confucianism in a sense that they started ruling land by morals and ethics. They believed that Confucianism focuses on the cultivation of virtue and conservation of ethics. However there was discrimination...
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