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hr project at emami ltd.
recuritment and selection

1.To increase the sales of the Emami products in the market.

2.To check the sales of various emami retailers with in ranchi and timely delivery of the products( items) to the respective retailer.

3.To look in to the demand and suggestion of the retailers and to take measure to help them be satisfied.

4.To perform a through statistical analysis of the availability and sales of the Emami products in the market and compare the respective values with those of the competitor products. Eg:-Navratna oil vs Himgange.

5.To reach the customers in the adjacent areas of ranchi and to have a considerable share in the rural market as well.

6.To gain experience and self awareness by working with a reputed multinational company like Emami.

Industry Overview

India’s FMCG sector is the fourth largest sector with a USD 25-billion size in 2008. It is a key component of India’s GDP and is a significant (direct and indirect) employer employing three million individuals in downstream activities across small towns and rural India. The FMCG industry in India witnessed strong double digit growth over the last three years owing to liberalisation,urbanisation, income increase, altered lifestyles and enhanced rural awareness.

The sectoral growth has also been catalysed by a reduction in excise duty, de-reservation of the small scale sector, enhanced marketing and innovative packaging. The personal care segment accounts for 22% of the country’s FMCG sector. The global market for herbal products (health supplements, herbal beauty and toiletry products) is estimated at around US$62 billion. It could grow to US$5 trillion by 2050 (Source: WHO). Emami enjoys a presence in personal and healthcare segments and reported a robust 29.1% growth in 2008-09 with a consolidated turnover of Rs. 747 cr. The Company is optimistic of aggressive growth in 2009-10, based on the reality of robust product demand at popular price points.


The industry is marked by growing investments in distribution and brand building, a hedge against intending competition. The FMCG sector addresses the needs of broad society; low-priced products account for over 60% of the sector’s sales, rural markets account for 56% of domestic FMCG demand. [pic]

Salient industry features

Cost dynamics: The FMCG industry warrants growing investments in manufacturing, administration, marketing and advertising. The capital to- sales ratio is low on account of outsourcing and relatively lower investments required in fixed assets. Supply chain and brand management are key factors. Advertisement costs range from 5% to 25% of revenues, depending on product life cycle, brand value, competition and marketing strategy .

Brand equity:

Strong brands are integral to FMCG success and achieving product differentiation. Brand equities are reinforced through technological innovation, quality consistency and aggressive marketing. Brand building, positioning and extending drive product success.

Demand slowdown and growing competition have forced players to reduce costs and market more aggressively. Occasionally products are re-launched by repositioning brands to extend product life cycle and extract better value.

Distribution channels:

Product accessibility enhances success. Estimates show that there are around 700,000 FMCG outlets in urban India and over 300,000 outlets in rural areas. Industry players derive their strength from a high capital turnover, strong brand equity and effective logistics management. A combination of distribution network, innovative packaging and right pricing ensure success.

Demand drivers:

A growing middleclass has enhanced awareness of health, hygiene and packaged foods leading to FMCG industry growth. An increase in disposable...
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