Recommendation on Improving the Services of Resort

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DATE:1 March 2010
TO:Jason Lee, Director
Human Resource Services
FROM:Vivian Hsu, Manager
Information Services

I am submitting this report at your request specifying my recommendations to improve the services of Bubu Long Beach Resort. My recommendations are based on my own observation, customers’ feedbacks and the interviews with my colleagues.

Bubu Long Beach Resort is located at the Perhentian group of islands and 20 kilometres off the coast of Terrengganu. From year 2006 to 2008, the resort has experienced a dramatic increase in the number of guests by at least 10%. However, we have received numerous complaints from our customers recently. Based on the annual sales gathered by Information Services Department, we experienced a decline in sales in the year 2009. Hence, we propose this report to provide the reasons for the problem and recommendations to solve it.

We have found out that our resort has relatively poor services compared to our competitors. Furthermore, several rooms are not in good condition. As a result, some customers feel dissatisfied and unhappy about our services. In addition, our resort is lacking in security and safety measures. We do not provide sufficient entertainment and good facilities to our customers. The holiday packages are very limited and overrated. These are among the main factors that cause our revenue to drop. Findings

Poor customer service
We have observed that many customers have to queue up for a long time at the reception counters to check-in, especially during peak seasons. The receptionists also perform their tasks unsystematically and cause the check-in process to be slow. Hence, a lot of customers feel annoyed and impatient when they check in. The receptionists sometimes behave rudely and have difficulties dealing with foreign tourists.

Unpleasant room conditions
Our survey shows...
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