Realiy Tv Paper

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Reality TV
Santos Robles
ENG 101
Thursday, November, 8, 2012
Professor Lauria

Reality TV

Reality TV is something that you are seeing more of today. Reality television is when people or celebrities are filmed living there normal everyday lives and are undertaking specific challenges (Farlex Inc., 2012). Reality television attracts many viewers and has become more popular over the past few years. Some shows you may have even heard of are the shows known as 16 and pregnant, Jersey Shore, Hoarders, and extreme couponing. These are all examples of some very popular realty television shows that are aired regularly.

Some shows like “Teen Mom” or “16 and pregnant” focus on teenagers that become pregnant and the struggles they are facing as a teenager with a child. These shows are to focus on the consequences of having unprotected sex but sometimes they are viewed as rewarding teen pregnancy. The shows like “Hoarders” are based on families who have a problem with not throwing anything way which in turn causes clutter and a big mess. So they have people come out and help the people get rid of unneeded stuff and choose healthier habits and make it so they are living in a better environment. Now “Extreme Couponing’s” is about people who gather tons of coupons and buy things at the store very cheap. This show has definitely set a trend, because of this show you see more people in lines at stores with a whole book of coupons. This show has shown people how to walk out the store with ten items for 5 cents.

Some examples of why these shows may be popular are because they are exciting ,and they are similar to what life is really like. Reality TV is not some fantasy or unrealistic show we like to watch and wish our life was like theirs. Instead reality television is something we watch and think wow that is crazy, that person is crazy. Some of the stuff...
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