Reality Tv

Topics: Television, American Idol, Reality television Pages: 2 (759 words) Published: March 14, 2013
J Singh
Period 4
Ms. Lopez
Reality Television
15 minutes of fame or 15 minutes of shame? In the articles, "what is reality TV equal real learning?" by Annaweinstein, the good and the bad reality TV is explored. Reality TV has around for 40 years, but it has been only this past decade that there has been an explosion in popularity. Programs such as "Big Brother", "American Idol", and "Jersey Shore" have been captured the attention of millions who battles for fame and fortune. A large number of teenagers make up the audience of these programs, and they do not realize the detrimental effects of these shows and how they can negatively impact their lives. Although there are a multitude of reasons why these shows are harmful to teenagers, the greatest danger are that the teenagers fall for this trap of quick fame and success and also it will affect their concentration on their education because they might think that it's very easy to get success by watching these reality shows. These days many reality shows are going on T.V. Which has created lot of hype over people about these shows especially amongst teenagers? These shows are very popular amongst teenagers which are having a very bad effect on our society because when they watch something bad on T.V. they want to try that. In contrast, there are people that feel that watching these shows are not harmful but entertaining. But what Rivadeneyra says, “By watching the Bachelor, we understand that if you want to treat woman right you give her rose. Content analysis of these shows has found that sex is being portrayed as a competition". So this show that reality shows are really detrimental for teenagers because it shows sexually content which is not good for their age. There is lot of reality shows. These shows have been around for 17 years. The reality shows has mostly taken over the nighttime programming. Some of the shows that come at nights are Jersey...
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