Reality Television: the Epidemic Sweeping Our Nation"

Topics: Television, Morality, Survivor Pages: 5 (1592 words) Published: April 29, 2008

The world of reality television is almost like an epidemic sweeping the nation in our present day and age. The popularity of sitcoms and other scripted television series is by far being taken over by the new world of reality television. Although these shows are greatly increasing in popularity, what is it about reality television that truly captures its audience? What kind of message are these reality television shows sending to the viewers? In essence, reality television creates a sort of “dream world”- a world in which participants are given the opportunity to act outlandishly and do things which they typically would not do in their every- day lives. Reality television pushes participants to the edge in an effort to gain another dollar or simply win the ultimate prize. In doing so, participants plot against one another, lose all morals and beliefs , or unpretentiously pretend to be something they are not , just to be accepted by their fellow peers. The lengths that participants reach in their effort to get to the top are limitless, and sadly enough, the once harmless world of reality television has now transformed itself into a whole new world which promotes greed, deceit, and lust. Reality television is merely a reflection of what our society has become - a materialistically driven society where the love of power and money overcomes the power of love. In the reality show “ The Bachelor”, a large group of girls is brought together and ultimately they must all vie for the attention and love of one guy known as “The Bachelor”. Typically the guy is a successful and wealthy entrepreneur who is ready to settle down and find the right girl. As he begins his journey in his search for love, he picks fifteen to twenty females who he believes will be eligible women to possibly marry and spend the rest of his life with. As the show progresses, the seemingly cultured and classy women begin to turn on each other and ultimately it is no longer a matter of finding true love, but more about beating the opposing enemy and winning the guy as a sort of prize. They will do anything and everything just to prove that they “love” him no matter how immoral and greedy they may be portrayed. It is no longer matters of the heart that matter but more about the matters of themselves and the pocketbook. The behavior that is depicted on these reality television shows is creating a negative image of women in our society today. These reality shows simply aid in making women look like gold-diggers and promiscuous beings who solely think of themselves. In the end, these women do not leave the show feeling content and fulfilled but more insecure and inadequate. Such reality television shows contribute to the growing problems in our society by celebrating human weakness and selfishness rather than human excellence. In one particular reality show called “Trading Spouses”, two families trade wives for two weeks and in the end both families win $50,000 each. The only catch is, the opposing wives get to choose what the other family may spend their money on. Indeed the $50,000 is a great perk, but is the stress, drama, and debasing of the family that goes on during those two weeks really worth it? The new mother comes into “her” new families home and pushes her beliefs, religion, and morals on “her” new family. In...
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