Reality Television and True Facts

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Reality TV seems to be everywhere these days. On every channel you turn, commercial you see and even on magazines stands at every grocery store checkout. There are multiple so called “reality” television shows that have made teen moms, extreme party goers, alcoholics and even drug addict’s huge, rich reality super stars. The main demographic viewers of these types of show range from preteens to young adults. In my opinion these so called “reality” television shows are giving their viewers a false sense of what reality and success really is.

As a father to a preteen and toddler I am always doing my best to monitor what my children are viewing on their televisions. Before I had children I never thought twice about what type of shows were on the television and the impact they could have on their viewers. It is hard to explain to any 12 year old that they are not allowed to watch certain shows that a lot of their friends are. There are times when I am not able to watch the shows I enjoy or the news while they are in the room with me as they have graphic language, pictures and/or behavior that children should not be subjected to at such a young and influential time in their lives.

At one time my daughter would come home every afternoon and talk about this new awesome show everyone was watching and talking about at school. After weeks of bugging me to find this show for her I decided sit down one afternoon and view it with her. I was in total shock and upset after watching this show that other parents allowed their 11 & 12 year old girls to watch called “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.” Much to my surprise this popular middle school show was a reality based show that showcased young teen girls who dropped out of school to find husbands to marry and have children all before the age of eighteen. This type of show gave girls the idea that it was ok to not get an education but to marry and have children at a very young age. After having a long talk with my child about the difference between reality and television you can be sure we never watched this show again.

Another popular reality show that has made young mothers into famous rich reality stars is Teen Mom. Teen Mom is a show that follows young teens that become pregnant and end up famous reality stars. In my opinion it does not show the true struggles and challenges a teen mother faces. It gives young girls the idea that it is ok to get pregnant at a young age and if you’re lucky you may become a famous, rich reality show star. Even while standing at the grocery store checkout it seems every magazine is showcasing these young woman and their new found fame.

As an adult it is easy for us to separate reality from reality TV. We can understand and know that not everything you see on TV is true even when you are being told otherwise. As a young teen it is not so easy to separate the two. Therefore, as a parent it is our responsibility to monitor and explain to our children that not everything including reality TV is true or real. It is important to make sure your child is not getting the wrong messages from the many inappropriate and misleading shows all over televisions today.


What is your story about?
My story is about reality TV and its influences on teens and young adults.

How do you relate to your essay?
I have two young children and have to monitor what they watch and explain to my twelve year old daughter that not everything on TV is real including reality television shows.

Who are the people in your essay?
Myself, my daughter and son

What time does your essay take place?
Current time

Is your essay based on true facts or fiction?
My story is based on my opinion and what I would say are very true and valid facts.

As a child many of my most memorable memories were running around and playing with our family pets. I can remember when we brought each pet home for the first time to the day we lost some of...
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