reality television

Topics: American Idol, Reality television, America's Next Top Model Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: March 11, 2014
Your primary goal is to persuade your reader to understand your point of view and to make sure that your ideas are valid on your topic. Use the outline for the short version of the Argument/Persuasive essay.

I. Introduction:   State your claim. Offer a brief history of your issue:  Include past attempts at the solution or some background. II. Main Point One:  What evidence supports your persuasion? This should be your second strongest point. III. Main Point Two:   What other evidence supports your persuasion?  This should be your weakest point. IV. Present the Opposition:  What opposition can you find against your claim? V. Refute your Opposition: Acknowledge your opposition and address the opposition’s evidence. VI. Main Point Three: What third piece of evidence supports your persuasion?  This should be your strongest point.  VII. Conclude:  Tie it altogether. Restatement of the thesis and summary of the main ideas.  Provide a solution.

A topic we have discussed this semester or any topic you have interest in writing about, can be used for your Final #5 essay.  Take a clear stand on the issue:  Clarify your stand on the issue and prepare your reader for the line of reasoning constituting your argument.  Let the final sentence in the introduction serve as the thesis.  You will also need to avoid the use of the word “I” throughout your essay. 

Reality Television

Reality television, in general, can be considered fifty percent real and fifty percent acting. Most reality shows are meant to reveal the struggles, successes and challenges people face on a daily basic. Reality television, for the most part is considered educational and informative. People in the United States and around the world and all ages can be educated on variety of topics, such as education shows, music shows, documentaries, sports and survival shows. Reality television, for some people, can be considered as a wakeup call to certain habits or misguided life decisions. The Biggest...
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