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Topics: Anthony Hopkins, Meet Joe Black, Board of directors Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: September 17, 2013

As I have watched the movie entitled “Meet Joe Black”, I was surprised by the flow of the story. The story is all about Bill (Anthony Hopkins), a multimillionaire who run a successful empire for the past forty years in New York. But, after his wife passes away he feels empty and becomes convinced that Death is now after him too. He hears strange voices in his head, mimicking his own words, but they are phony and ridicule him in every possible manner. Comparing to our lesson today, there are some part of the story that has been connected to our lesson. Susan (daughter of Bill) is one of the Board members of their business. She had a boyfriend named Drew. Unknown to Bill, Drew is conspiring with a enemy of Bill’s who is bidding to acquire Parish Communications. Drew capitalizes on Bill’s strange behavior. He uses information inadvertently given to him by Bill’s son-in-law Quiance and convinces the board to vote Bill out as Chairman. He also persuades the Board to approve the merger which Bill had decided to oppose. Quince is devastated by what happens to Bill as all but one other member of the board vote him out. Joe as the Internal Revenue Supervisor agent, uses his knowledge of Drew’s actions and intimidates. Drew into resigning from the company and Board and to leaving Susan Joe helps Bill reinstated as Chairman of the Board. As stated in the general provisions removal of directors may be removed from the office by a vote of two-thirds of the members, but at the story only one votes received to remove Mr. Bill so it’s not approved. Provided, however; that such removal shall take place either at a regular meeting of the corporation or at a special meeting. A lesson that I had learned at this movie is don’t trust anyone especially in the field of business. The one who will you trust is your family only.

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