Quality in Services

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What is Quality?

"The totality of features and( characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs." -Kotler

“Quality must provide goods and( services that completely satisfy the needs of both internal and external customers. Quality serves as the "bridge" between the producer of goods or services and its customer.” -Johnson & Weinstein

“Quality is( consistent conformance to customer’s expectations.” –Stack et al

( “Quality is a predictable degree of uniformity at a low cost with a quality suited to the market.” -Deming

“Higher quality has a beneficial( effect on both revenues and cost.” -Gummesson

Why Quality Matters?

In this increasingly competitive world, customers are in a position to demand forever increasing levels of service and quality. Rather than simply react to their demands, successful companies are proactive in the way they manage quality and continuously seek to improve levels of customer satisfaction.

The global market is becoming more competitive every( day.
Companies continually search for new ways to gain an edge over their( competitors around the globe. Global competition and deregulation in a( number of industries is forcing companies to turn to quality in order to survive. Quality is our best assurance of customer allegiance, our( strongest defense against foreign competition, and the only path to sustained growth and earnings (Welch). Perhaps the most important reason for( pursuing quality is that Quality Pays (Deming). Research shows a( relationship between quality, market share, and return on investment. ( Higher quality yields a higher return-on-investment (ROI) for any given market share. Quality also pays in the form of customer retention -- customer( defections represent a significant cost to companies. Adopting quality( principles strongly correlates to corporate stock and earnings appreciation.

Service Quality


There are certain service firms who offers identical services under competing with each other in a smaller area like fast food restaurants, banks etc. here the quality of service can be used to differentiate from each other. Service quality is crucial to the customer as well as the service firm. The service firm can be use the service quality in maintaining competitive advantage and the customer can use the service quality for quality differentiation. Measuring quality in services is not a simple task since they are in tangible and cannot be stored. We can define service quality in terms of satisfaction that the customers derives by comparing perception of the service received with the expectation of service desired.

Customers( also form perceptions of quality during the service transaction - how effectively and efficiently the service was delivered and the speed and convenience of completing the transaction

Finally, customers evaluate( support activities that occur after the transaction, that is post-sale services

Definitions of Service Quality:

Service quality( can also be defined according to both the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of a product or service delivered. Christian Gronroos distinguishes between “technical( quality” and “functional quality”. Technical Quality is concerned with the( outcome of the delivered product or service. Customers use service quality( attributes such as reliability, competence, performance, durability, etc. to evaluate technical quality. Functional Quality has more to do with how the( technical quality is transferred to the consumer. Service quality attributes such as responsiveness and access would be important in helping the customer judge the functional quality of the service encounter.  

Process of Service Quality Management

1) Setting The Right Standard:

It is necessary to have the right standard for service quality or else the quality assurance process will deliver in appropriate levels of service. Standard quality is not...

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