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Focusing on Customer
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1. Explain the difference between satisfaction and loyalty. Why is loyalty more important? Customer loyalty is unnerving and unswerving; it cannot easily be changed, even in the face of remarkably changed situations. Customer satisfaction on the other hand is immensely fickle, and can change dramatically, even with the slightest of changes in situations. Loyalty is the willingness to make an investment. 2. What is Consumer Benefit Package? Why is it important in understanding satisfaction and loyalty? Consumer Benefit Package is the total package of products and services that a business offers with the price. Loyalty is one of the most important indicators of good performing companies. Satisfaction is directly linked to customer loyalty it is evident that measuring customer satisfaction without taking customer loyalty into account and vice versa would be misleading. 3. Describe the model used in computing the American Customer Satisfaction Index. How might a business use the information from the ACSI database? Used to produce ACSI links customer satisfaction to its determinants: customer expectations, perceived value, and perceived quality. 4. Explain the Customer-driven quality cycle. What do expected quality, actual quality, and perceived quality mean, and how do they relate with one another? Customer driven quality represents a proactive approach to satisfying customer needs that is based on gathering data about our customers to learn their needs and preferences and then providing products and services that satisfy the customer. To view of the process in which customer needs and expectations are translated into perceptions during the design, production, and delivery processes.

5. List and provide an example of the six leading practices of customer-focused quality. a. They clearly define key customer groups and markets, considering competitors and other potential customers, and segment their customers accordingly. b. They understand both near-term and longer-term customer needs and expectations. c. They understand the linkages between the voices of customer. d. They build relationships with customers through commitments. e. They have effective complaint management processes by which customers can easily comment. f. They measure customer satisfaction, compare the results relative to competitors. 6. Define the principal types of customers that an organization encounters. External Customers who may fall between the organization and the customer and who have distinct needs and expectations. Internal Customers who contribute to the company’s mission and depend on the departments. 7. Explain the AT & T customer-supplier model.

Your supplier inputs your processes output your customer.
8. Why is it important to segment customers? Describe some ways of defining customer segments. It’s no longer just about having the best product or services. It’s also a lot about giving YOUR customer what he WANTS. What he wants to know…hear…see…feel…taste…smell…, you want to give it to him. And your eventual profits will thank you for it. Heck, he probably will himself too! Precisely because of this, we have to appreciate just how important customer segmentation is to your business. Customer segmentation might be based on geography, demographic factors, ways in which products are used, volumes, or expected levels of service.

9. Explain the different dimensions of quality defined by David Garvin and the key dimension of service quality. How are these dimensions similar and different? Performance refers to a product's primary operating characteristics. Features are additional characteristics that enhance the appeal of the product or service to the user. Reliability is the likelihood that a product will not fail within a specific time period. Conformance is the precision with which the...
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