Purpose of Education

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The main purpose of education is to help national development

Education is not preparation for life. Education is life itself. (John Dewey ) Can you imagine the life without education? Can you imagine the country without education? Education gives great opportunities to improve one’s country. For example, thanks to enormous investment in education, Korea has successfully changed in many ways for a short period time after Korean War. Especially, technology education makes Korea's IT technology is recognized as one of the best in the world. In addition, It also has helped economic growth in Korea. So, we can know that education helps national development in many ways. My experience shows that education contributes to national development. I had studied history in school since I was in elementary school student. It emphasized nationalism and conformity like Japanese education. While I was studying history, I found many people who devoted their lives for countries. It taught to me how they did to develop and protect their countries. For instance, I studied about Yu Gwan – Sun who participated in March 1st movement against the Japanese colonial rule of Korea. Although she received harsh beatings and torture, she continued to protest for country. I can’t forget her word : My finger nails may fall off, my nose and ears cut off, my hands and legs broken. I can bear the pain. But the pain of losing my country, I cannot bear. This kind of people not only inspired me with patriotism but also suggested what I can do for country. After I received this kind of education, I could be the person who works for country. Education can make citizens who can contribute to their country development. On top of that, the Japanese education system explains how education helps national development. Japanese officials created an education systems and national educational goals. They viewed the education as a form of economic and national development and as a means of identifying...
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